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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Dominica carnival queen kayan toussaint

Kayan Toussaint of Pointe Michele is Dominica’s 2009 Carnival Queen. Sponsored by R.C Enterprises Royal Bazaar, LIME and the Dominica Festivals Committee, Kayan beat back six other contestants to take the title of Miss Dominica 2009 at the Carnival City last night (Feb 20).

Amye James of Grand Bay is the first runner up while Atainnea Toulon of Roseau is the Second runner up.

In the individual awards categories, ms photogenic and Ms. Congeniality went to Wendy Glenville, Best in Carnival Costume and best Carnival Costume was won by Kayla Benjamin.

The best in Swim Wear and Evening Gown went to Kayan Toussaint, best response in the Q&A and best Evening Gown was won by Amye James, while Nadine Syvester took best Performing Talent.

Kayan Toussaint is Ms. Dominica 2009. Here is her costume round appearance.

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Ms. Dominica 2009 performs her talent

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Comment by miami
2009-02-21 18:15:02

😯 😯 shame on dominica to select a young woman who speaks like she arguing…. there have been much better queens. obviously contestants should be taught how to speak… 😯 😯

Comment by jay
2009-02-22 14:34:08

eat yr heart out she is our queen so live with it……..

Comment by Cathy
2009-02-21 20:15:11

I am really seeing with Miami’s comment, I couldn’t believe it, one thing she needs to tone down, OMG!!!!

Comment by icantbelieve
2009-02-21 23:23:25

I cant believe that Miss Dominica 2009 thought that the Integrity in Publc Service act meant integrating with the public in grand style…. i dont know what the judges were thinking!

Comment by Aliyah
2009-02-22 02:55:13

We all know… the results aren’t in our favour every year… and then the girls go out there and represent well….
Let’s not judge our Queen….. just accept and support her in her future endeavours

Comment by smoove
2009-02-22 08:24:51

i am ashamed of some of our comments i think she is an intelligent woman who will make dominica proud we need to support our own instead of looking for ways to fault theire rfforts

Comment by smoove
2009-02-22 08:25:37


Comment by jay
2009-02-22 14:37:12

u no dominicans like to put down thier own………………… i am proud of her . so stop hating u negative people can’t do any better ……. u go kayan i am proud of u g0 lapwet passie

Comment by i
2009-02-22 20:12:05

congrats my friend make us all proud 😀

Comment by Cathy
2009-02-23 13:09:20

If you think this is negative for saying she needs to tone down well so be it, I wasn’t saying she don’t deserve her crown but please give her the advice to take her time to talk, where were you when she had the interview with Curtis Matthew? Oh please was it an ARGUMENT??????

Comment by Miss-D
2009-02-23 20:55:07

While I say congrats to Miss Dominica, I kinda see where Miami and Cathy are coming from. Jay & Smoove…these are constructive criticism only designed to make Kayan better.

That word “hating” is so over-rated that I think it ought to be banned! Before someone makes an observation is hate he/she is hating? Stupesssssss….

C’mon we have to say it like it is. Miami put it nicely by saying that “she needs to tone down” but I will say straight Kayan sounded so vulgar and ghetto……. at least that’s how she sounded over my live-feed all the way in the US. I don’t know the young lady; so trust me when I say that I have nothing personal against her. I’m just giving my opinion based on what I heard that night. Actually, I made the observation even before her crowing moment…i.e. in-between the rounds when they were being intercepted back stage….the other girls sounded so polished and in control and Kayan was in another league.

True she was exuberant over winning, but her conduct was way beyond exuberance…..she is loud! A couple of us Dominicans were listening to the show and we were like wow! whoever is working with the young lady has a lot of work to do, in grooming her for the overseas market…..she needs to go to finishing school as the British would say.

I am a big supporter of young people trying to do something positive with themselves; but, I am so against those of us who try to sugar-coat their flaws. Afterall, she is not only your queen, she is also my queen, DOMINICA’S QUEEN; so, we will nip her bad habits in the bud very early before they become an embarassment to our country.

Unlike you all who are high on super-sensitivity, Kayan will thank us for pointing out these things to her. Before long, Kayan will quickly realize that royalty and vulgarity do not make bedfellows. She will also realize that it’s people like Jay and Smoove who are doing her a disservice. With our constructive criticism, Kayan will blossom into a true Dominican Royalty. GO KAYAN! MAKE DOMINICA PROUD!

As for the other comments about the Q&A round; I don’t see this as a big issue because all the girls are intelligent, and Kayan is no exception. Next time she will do better.

Congrats again Kayan

Comment by Charmz
2009-09-04 17:38:10

theres a better way of makin ur constructive criticism..@least say congrats & then continue fr there..hateful ppl,never satisfy wit other ppl’s effort but bad talk bad talk & still cant do better.u tink u can talk & do better,y cant u go & prove urself!! d opportunity is given every yr 4 cryin out loud!!besides,talkin & xpressin 1’s self is not only what determines whether 1 win or not.get it in2 ur lil brains.

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