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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

stress-freePhoto: Fotopakismo

A problem many of us have is that we take life too seriously and become overly attached to the trappings of the physical universe. Then when those comforts are threatened — which is inevitable because everything physical is impermanent — we get all disorientated about the realities of this physical universe, and some people have a difficult time handling it.

My idea of “lighten up” is to release your paranoid death-grip on your physical world trappings, such as your possessions, your relationships, your social status, and your income. All of that is temporary. It cannot possibly undergo.

If you can accept — really and truly accept — that every component of your physical life is temporary and will eventually end, you can still enjoy your physical experiences without suffering so much when you lose them. The less attached you are to your physical life, the more you’ll enjoy it.

For instances look around you, nearly everything around you its own unique and temporary experience. Here in the physical universe, you can pick up and hold rocks. You can feel their weight, texture, and hardness. This might seem like an ordinary experience at first, but realize that you won’t always be able to do this. Your ability to interact with the physical universe is temporary, and it will soon end. Against the backdrop of eternity, your time here is actually quite brief. Enjoy it while it lasts. 😀

Finally, if you aren’t enjoying your life, then let go of the parts you don’t enjoy. Simply put those pieces of your life down and go find other pieces you actually enjoy.

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