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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Will all the hype about gasoline prices going up in the Caribbean, yet we still cling to our old, non –hybrid cars which are costing most drivers a fortune. Fear not: Eco-friendly car parts and manufacturing processes that look beyond the gas tank will soon bring hope to those who want to have their SUV’s and drive them too. Soon you will be able to drive your gas- guzzler during the week, and not only on a Sunday afternoon 🙂 . Here are a few ways you may soon be able to turn current gas-guzzler lighter on your green (your pocket).

Tire Power

Michelin at this month’s Frankfurt Auto Show, it’s new low-resistance tire called the Energy Saver, whose improved rolling resistance can improve fuel economy on any type of terrain, and save up to a ton of CO2 emission over the life span of the tire. Also on the US side on the pond, Yokohama Tire Corp, has just launched Eco Treadsetters, an online green social network, who plan to launch its highly –anticipated E-Spectire in Japan sometime at the end of the year. With Yokohama new technology that combines citrus –based oils with rubber to cut the use to petroleum products in tires by a whopping 80 percent. No date for when these tires will hit the US or Caribbean market, but greener tires are here to stay.

Plastic Surgery on Your Ride

Love that “new car” smell? That smell is of chemicals emanating from plastic – yum. But do you know that the average car interior contain 250 pound of the stuff. (You can download a report for free on how different vehicles stack up in terms of chemicals from Mitsubishi is also making a lot of noise with its Concept cX car, whose trim and interior plastics are made from bamboo and other plant-based resins. These green friendly plastics will significantly lower the level of harmful chemicals in your new ride.

Dry Clean It

Washing your car not only uses between 70 and 140 gallons of water, it also sends that water straight back into the ground together with oil, detergent, etc. EcoTouch Waterless Car Wash, thought of a better way by using a non –toxic, biodegradable spray. The company estimates that one 22oz bottle can save 800 gallons of water.

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Comment by Kevin
2008-07-10 09:00:11

I see you are getting increased prices for gas, Over here in Scotland it is really expensive too.
What is the price for a gallon in the carribean?
In Scotland we are already over £6 PER GALLON, which is roughly $12 a gallon

sure is expensive

Comment by nicole
2010-05-18 14:47:05

good lord!! $12 far exceeds the cost per gallon we experience. i have never felt so happy about close to $4 as i do now, knowing what we could be paying! how do you afford that?!

wish i could answer your question but i live in the states in California.

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