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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

This post was guest blogged by Dan Tanner of

I was in Dominica in January when Barak Obama won the Iowa caucus, but I expressed my doubt that he would eventually become the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States. My reasoning was simple: I believed that the US was too racist. I am relieved to learn that I was wrong.

The upcoming election will be much like the 1932 race between Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt(FDR). Hoover expressed “staying the course” with the failed laissez-faire policies of unregulated greed while FDR had a message of hope and change. FDR did not know until after his inauguration what he would do, but what he did was wonderful: The bank holiday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, regulation of banks and the stock market, Social Security, and so on.

Every now and then someone, usually a Democrat, must come along and save capitalism, the only economic system conducive to generation of private wealth, from its own excesses. Barak Obama must not only rescue the American economy as FDR did, but unlike FDR, he must also extricate the US from a ruinous, downright stupid war.

We can be certain that if elected President, John McCain would continue the failed Bush/Cheney war and economic policies. I hope that Barak Obama will be elected President and that he can somehow, probably with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, undo the damage that the Bush administration has done to the US, its economy, its military, its position in world opinion and to its Constitution. Like FDR he will have to deal with an opposed Supreme Court – he won’t have an easy job.

Barak Obama for President!…Whats your say, let’s hear them in the comments

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Comment by Suki
2008-06-04 08:03:09

I watched the acceptance speech last night knowing I was watching history in the making. I live in the US and have seen the greatness of the American people and the willingness to admit that past attitudes were perhaps incorrect. It is a wonderful day when a man is judged not by the color of his skin but rather the strength of his character.

Heaven is a place you make, not a place you must find.

Comment by Dan
2008-06-04 09:20:02

Alas, I think that while racism and sexism in the US are diminished and are no longer insurmountable, both remain as formidable hurdles to clear. Put it this way: Had the Democrats nominated, say, John Edwards, pundits wouldn’t even be giving John McCain a chance. But this election will be close, I think.

I lived in New Orleans briefly while a teenager when segregation was the law. I have seen total cosmetic change and considerable attitudinal change, but the latter is not complete. I also happen to be an ethnic Jew, the child of refugee immigrants. But my father died when I was young and I was adopted by my mother’s second husband and thereby got his surname. What makes that relevant to this note is that having a Christian-sounding instead of a Jewish-sounding last name, I was able to be regarded as not Jewish (that is my ethnicity; I nave no faith; but anti-Semitic prejudice is aimed against Jews both as a religion and as a race) by people meeting me for the first time. Very frequently I would hear these people tell me that they had no prejudices but then go ahead and make prejudiced anti-Semitic remarks.

Tests have shown that people will say publicly that they have no racial prejudice, but act quite differently privately; and the ballot is secret.

I would like nothing more than to be wrong again, and thus to see Barak Obama, clearly the best candidate in this race, to win. He would be better for America and for the world. Quite possibly an Obama administration would not continue the American policy of benign neglect with occasional imperial interference with regard to the Caribbean.

Comment by Lavera Hanson
2008-10-08 17:13:21

I am so much for Oboma for president i beleave he would be the a breath of fresh air ..i am so sick of Mc cane..and Bush and i dont like Palin at all eather ..and i am not black eather ..

Comment by Aldene Hussett
2009-01-20 21:59:20

Aldene from Toronto Canada I am very happy about the New President Obama. I am Jamaican Canadian. I just like to say Congratulations Mr President Obama. I am very happy to see that their will be change for USA.

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