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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


This beach is at the former Napier estate in Calibishie, at Point Baptiste. Old-timers still refer to it as Napier’s Beach, but it is also well known as the White Sand Beach.

That’s probably because it is very near to the scenic but less suitable for swimming or sunning Black Sand Beach, which is also on the former Napier estate.

In fact, one of the charms of this beach is that it is connected by easy to walk paths to the Black Sand Beach, to a scenic overlook (from which this photo was taken), and to the stunning scenery of Red Rocks (future article). Take the right path and above the Black Sand beach (another future article) you should come across the historic Napier grave sites.

Napier’s Beach Has Two Excellent Bathing Locations

From the end-of-track parking spot, turn left to the one in the picture, or right to another beach. Neither spot has vast amounts of open water for distance swimming, but both have sandy approaches to swimming holes washed by gentle waves that have been broken and moderated by reefs further out. If you enjoy, as we do, being rocked softly to and fro by the wave currents that alternate from left to right and back around the rock, you’ll really love this beach. This massage by the warm water is nature’s perfect therapy for your back, legs, shoulders and any tired muscles!

The beaches themselves are of soft white sand and have adequate inshore shade trees and seating places. Do you like to dive? A few swimming strokes will take you to the large rock island you see in the photo, and it has easy to mount handholds and steps near the point closest to the shore. You might notice the blue deeper water near the rock’s point. It’s about 8 feet deep there and it is safe to dive from the rock’s point, which is two feet or less from the water’s surface.

Fishing from the rock is another attraction. You’ll need to be able to ferry your rod and any other equipment out to the rock by swimming with it, so it is best to minimize. Then you can walk to the outer end to fish. Beach-combing for pretty shells is also fun to do; especially after any storm.

Getting To Napier’s Beach Is Fairly Easy

From Calibishie as you head toward Mellville Hall Airport on the main road, you will see the paved Point Baptiste road on the left. Turn on this road and in about 100 to 150 feet you will see a dirt track road on the right; it should have a “Point Baptiste Beach” sign (right after the public water tap). That track passes all the way to a parking area at the beach. There’s a snackette/bar at the turnoff to the track, and it is the closest available refreshments. The beach is an excellent picnic spot; there is usually a “native” shelter and benches at the parking spot too. Please remember, help keep Dominica beautiful and carry out what you’ve carried in.

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Comment by Larry
2007-05-18 15:25:00

When I come back again I will look for this spot. I am imagining diving of the rock now. 🙂 Off topic but do you know where the large snaking water pipe next to Boeri Lake goes? It looked inviting to hike.

Comment by Dan Tanner
2007-05-21 09:53:51

Larry, I am not sure, but I imagine that it provides water to Roseau. Does anyone know for certain?

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