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Dominica Calendar 2011

It’s hard to believe, but there are only six more weeks left in 2010! With the Holiday Season fast-approaching, we’ve finalized the design of our free printable Dominica island 2011 Calender.

As a gift to all our Dominica Weekly readers and friends, we would like to share our 2011 Dominica Island Calendar, which is filled with beautiful scenes from around the nature island.

The calendar is free to download for to print or to put as background image on your computer desktop. To get your copy of Dominica island 2011 calendar, simply click one of the links at the bottom of the post.

The calendar will then be loaded on your screen — using you mouse simply right click on the image and click “save Image as” to save a copy of the calendar in other to print, or you can set click “Set As Desktop Background” to automatically set the of calendar as your desktop background image.

Here are some ways you can use Dominica Weekly’s 2011 Calendar:

  • set it as your background image on your computer desktop,
  • print a large copy and hang it up on the wall,
  • Tell you friend about calendar and send them a copy of the Calendar.

Click links to download calendar – (JPG Format):

Click links to print calendar – (ZIP format):

We would love to hear any comments readers might have on how we can make next years calendar better. So please, share your ideas in the comments below.

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dive dominicaPhoto by Kim Randall

Liquid Assets TV and the famous host of their Into The Drink series, Nick lucey recently spent an entire week doing an on-location shoot about Dominica for the first episode of Into the Drink Season 2, where Dominica will be seen in approximate 60 million homes in the United States.

Liquid Assets TV Executive Producer, Randy Harris two days ago (April 13) published a post entitle ‘Back In Time‘ on the blog.

Here is what Randy and the crew of In The Drink had to say about their experience on the nature island of Dominica.

I have never felt about a destination the way I feel about Dominica, even when I look back. The mood on land is very different, but once you figure out the motion of the island it is like returning to Kansas from Oz, there is no place like home. That is what I am sure all Dominicans feel if they ever leave the island and that is the at home feeling I found while there.

The most mountainous island in the Caribbean and the youngest island in the Caribbean, well that last bit is up for debate but I vote “Dominica.” It has diving that should only be found on a two-day plane ride away from any populated area of the world but it is right in our back yard. This island has a freaking ski lift that takes you into the rain forest, a boiling lake that is only rivaled by one in New Zealand, turtles everywhere, frogfish, NO lionfish, sea horses, schools of mackerel, mountain biking, killer rum and a list of things that could run this blog on forever. I will stop there and just let you know that it has something breathtaking for everyone and their pretend friends.

The crew of Into The Drink has experienced something brilliant, something young and something that we will always remember as its namesake, “The Nature Island.” It will be remembered as such because that is exactly what it is. Unlike most of the islands in the Caribbean it is still unspoiled, untouched by chain restaurants, pure, nature.

I suggest you go there if you want to see what the Caribbean of old felt and looked like and take a dive trip back in time.

Dominica will definitely be one those closed-set destinations shoots the crew of Into The Drink will never forget. As to when the first episode of Into the Drink Season 2 featuring Dominica will be aired in the U.S, that is still unknown. I can’t wait see what the guys came up with…don’t you?

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Hand on computer mouse over laptop touch pad

As the popularity of a site increases, so does the risk to users as criminals are quick to exploit any new technology or trend. Sites like Facebook, MySpace and Linkedln are particularly attractive to cyber criminals who use a variety of social hacking techniques and malicious software to capitalize on the unsuspecting user.

The next time you sign in to stay in touch, please consider these security tips:

1.Information posted on the Internet never really goes away – Think twice before you post those crazy college photos! They are likely to remain on the Internet indefinitely – even if you “delete” them – in cached copies of pages, copies saved on other people’s sites, etc

2.Passwords, passwords, passwords – Use a strong password that contains a combination of numbers, special characters, and capital / lower case letters. Consider using a password that is different from ones you use on sites that contain particularly sensitive information, such as online banking sites.

3.Add-ons add risk-Plugin’s such as “smiley faces” are popular add-ons by teens and young adults. While they add a personal touch, they are a common means for cyber criminals to install malicious software on your computer. In short, limit add-ons to limit your risk.

4.Anti-Virus is critical – Pictures, files, and links on these sites are increasingly becoming infected with viruses, malware, spyware, key loggers, etc. Keeping your anti-virus up-to-date is a critical line of defense.

5.Understand the security and privacy policies – Don’t rely on default settings. Restrict access to the information you share to only those you personally grant access. Also, review a site’s privacy policy to understand who “owns” the data posted to these sites.

6.Exercise caution – Just as you have learned to be cautious while surfing the Web or opening attachments contained in email, you should be equally cautious when engaging with people on social networking sites. Verify the identity of “friends” before granting them access to your personal information.

7.What you share can be used against you – Seemingly harmless information such as your pet’s name, your high-school mascot, your birthday, etc., are oftentimes answers to challenge questions used to reset your password on a secure Web site. Be wary of surveys that often ask for this type of information.

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