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Many people don’t realize that an iPad is a computer in its own right. There are a few things that a computer can do that an iPad can’t. And let face it, the last thing you want is to be carrying around 6 pound netbook everywhere.

Island vacations are all about having fun in the sun and exploring hiking trails. But there are going to be times where you want to send a quick email or just to share your pictures with family members.

Here are the three reasons why an Ipad could double as a computer:

1.Just about all iPads hook up to fast Wi-Fi and cellular sites, so you can download content, browse the web, and share documents from nearly anywhere

2. Two amazing cameras, so your photographs and videos – and video calls and selfies will look amazingly vivid.

3.Ipads are Ridiculously light, So you can enjoy FaceTime calls with friends or get work done, wherever and whenever you want.

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Today mosquitoes have gotten a lot scarier. Travelers should be more aware of all the mosquito-borne diseases that they could catch right now.

There are the ones you can get immunized against (like Yellow Fever), and like with Malaria you can get prescribe medication to prevent it. Yet, there are lots that you can’t generally avert with medications – like dengue fever, West Nile infection, Chikungunya, and now Zika infection.

Zika can bring about microcephaly in children whose moms gets infected, and it can likewise be sexually-transmitted. Which makes it that much more alarming.

So how would you abstain from something that is found in such a variety of parts of the world? In the case were you’re pregnant or attempting to get pregnant, you should stay -away locations where Zika infection is known not found.

There is only one way to prevent getting Zika or any mosquito-borne diseases – is don’t get feast upon by mosquitoes. The next two best options are: 1. get the immunizations you can (i.e. Yellow Fever), and 2. invest in some preventive items that will make it hard for mosquitoes to get to you.

Below are a list of some simple things you could use to avoid mosquito bites:

  • Mosquito repellentsLike DEET-based repellent (DEET is seemingly the best in repulsing mosquitoes). There’s also some Natural insect repellent that utilizes lemon and eucalyptus oils, and it doesn’t contain any dreadful chemicals. Try Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent.
  • Non-spray bug repellents – like mosquito-repellent cream, wristbands, and repellent wipes.
  • Bug-repellent clothing – ExOfficio Bugsaway Damselfly mosquito-repellent Jacket and pants. And if you’re looking for more protection, you might as well get the Mosquito head net.
  • Lastly, a buy you own Mosquito net.
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    Whether you’re on a vacation or a business trip, it’s not unusual to bring your laptop along for the journey. Your laptop is one of your most important possessions. It contains work information, personal information, family photos, and much more. It’s how you access the Internet and how you get things done. Losing it would be inconvenient, to say the very least, and expensive.

    When you’re travelling with your laptop, it’s a good idea to take extra precautions to keep it safe and protect it from damage or theft. There are also some things you should keep in mind that will just make your trip easier. Here are some tips for travelling with your laptop.

    Backup Your Data

    If you aren’t already backing up all of your data, you should start now, especially before a trip. If you lose your laptop, you don’t want all of your important files to go with it. Before you leave, backup all your data on an external hard drive that you leave at home. An even better idea is to use a cloud storage system, so that you’re able to continually backup your data and access it from anywhere with an Internet connection if needed.

    Laptop Tracking

    As an extra measure of precaution, you may want to pay for a service that using GPS tracking to locate your laptop if it is stolen or lost. Computrace technology will help you recover your laptop, and some options are LoJack for Laptops, MyLaptopGPS, and Absolute Software’s Computrace.

    Storage and Protection

    Your laptop should have its own separate bag. You should not store your laptop in your luggage, especially your checked luggage. A sturdy bag that fits the size of your laptop and carries its accessories is the best way to go. It should be lightweight, easy to carry, and marked with your name and phone number inside. You can also purchase skins for your laptop, just like you can to protect your smartphone. A silicone skin can help protect your laptop if its dropped. You should also purchase a laptop lock to deter thieves.

    Airplane Travel

    Most airlines will allow you to bring one carry-on and one personal item. A laptop bag is considered a personal item, so you can bring it separately from your carry-on baggage. When going through airport security, you’ll need to take your laptop out of its bag and place it in its own bin. It is safe for a laptop to go through an airport scanner; it won’t be damaged. If you need to go through a metal detector, however, ask that your laptop be checked by hand instead.

    Using Your Laptop

    If you’re travelling abroad, find out what type of adaptor you’ll need for your laptop’s power source. You can also find multi-adaptors if you’re going to be travelling to more than one country. Always make sure you log out of your accounts after using your laptop, and avoid doing personal banking or activities involving personal information on public Wi-Fi connections.

    Caroline Jones is a travel agent and business professional.  She travels around the world on business trips and recently spent time at a Bahamas vacation resort.

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