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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

One Man’s Opinion: Dominica should sue CBS for damages; lost tourism due to false portrayal of Dominica on “Pirate Master”

My wife Ruth and I watched the initial “Pirate Master” show on May 31, to our great disappointment, which I registered on posts to this site’s forum: Namely, Dominica was depicted as uninhabited and crocodile-infested, and that it seems evident to anyone but a complete cretin that the supposed reality show is scripted. We resolved not to watch any more episodes of this farcical series.

Then Ruth heard a radio promotion for the show on the day of the 2nd episode broadcast (June 7th) on her car radio during her commute to work. In the promo, it was mentioned that the next chest of treasure would be hidden under a den of poisonous snakes! This is just too much. In the first episode, the only terrain the show filmed was a swamp. How much of a public relations black eye do CBS and “Pirate Master” wish to give Dominica?

For the record, although this is a well-established fact, Dominica has very little swampland and does not now, nor has it ever had, either crocodiles or poisonous snakes.

I’m doubly embarrassed by this show: Once because as an American I have to admit to an appalling lack of geographical knowledge on the part of my country’s citizens. And again because as we’re choosing to live our retired life in Dominica we find that one of the Nature Island’s attractions is its wonderful people, who the series pretends don’t exist.

I am afraid that the misinformation that CBS and “Pirate Master” are spreading will cost Dominica uncounted tourist dollars. The Dominican government Minister of Tourism ought to take action by suing CBS and the “Pirate Master” producers for damages. (That publicity would be a good thing, incidentally.)

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Comment by [email protected]
2007-06-10 16:11:05

Sorry you felt that way…. I think that Pirate Master makes the island looks absolutely beautiful and I hope to visit next year. Additionally, there are people like myself who actually enjoy visiting places that are less inhabited that haven’t been wrecked by too many people.

Comment by bradley shillingford
2007-06-21 11:02:04


Comment by bradley shillingford
2007-06-21 11:05:17

don’t just believe what you read. Just come and see for yourself get the experience of what nature is all about. One Love.

Comment by WildflowerMax
2007-10-29 22:31:37

Interesting commentary…the same issue arose with regard to the portrayal of the Carib Indians – or Kalinago (their real tribe name) as they prefer to be called, in Pirates of the Caribbean, which was partially shot in Dominica as well.
The island promotes itself as a location for films and the filming of Pirate Master was supported by the government and the Ministry of Tourism. Despite abee_neemo still wanting to come here, I can identify with your concern since Dominica really does NOT have any of the dangerous wildlife portrayed, and definitely is inhabited (just not overpopulated!)

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