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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Update: Just about a month ago I wrote about the new CBS Reality Show “Pirate Master”. Pirate Master Premiers Thursday 8.00pm on CBS. The producer promises the show to be one the best epic pirates’ adventures in the Caribbean.


The latest pirates to invade Dominica have been hard to miss over the past few months. Their pirate ship, helicopters and crews have been busy filming the new CBS series Pirate Master.


Dominica provided the backdrop for this new 13-week adventure reality series. The series takes 16 lucky Americans and puts them in costume on a ship to live as pirates while they search for buried treasure worth US 1 million dollars. There modern day pirates live aboard a massive 179 foot, square-rigged barque which carries 12,500 square feet of sail. They row ashore to embark on high stakes adventure each week. The players decipher clues to seek the treasure hidden somewhere in Dominica’s rivers, Jungles and mountains.


Pirate Master features a new prize each week. In the first episode the lucky winner claims US$40,000 in Spanish dubloons. The gold play a key role a pirates strike deals with each other or plead for long term security. On board, one contestant is voted captain, along with two officers. These contestant live in luxury and eats gourmet food, while the rest of the crew members swab the decks, eats gruel and serve as the Captain’s servants.

Each Episode concludes on the ship with a Pirates Court, Where one player is tried and is cast off the ship and set adrift on the raft. The court will determine whether there is law or mutiny on board. Who will find the chest of Zanzibar? In the end, one pirate will be the first to find the largest booty, worth $500,000 and claim the title of pirate master.

The series host is Australian actor Cameron Daddo, who enjoyed the romance of the sea and the adventure of Pirate Master. He claims that if he hadn’t hosted the show, he would have enjoyed being a contestant.

Source: The Tip! – A Local publication in Dominica

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Comment by Dan
2007-05-31 17:49:47

We’ll watch it tonight. Frankly, we could care less about the plot, the actors or contestants, or the advertisers. Wat we do care about is to see that Dominica and its people and beauty are presented well; that the show provides economic opportunities for Dominicans, and that it will encourage high-caliber environmentally-aware tourists to visit.

Comment by Dan
2007-05-31 21:29:10

🙁 What crap! What a disappointment! I should have known that network TV would make this a soap opera (probably scripted, even though it’s called “reality”). What reality is it to depict Dominica as uninhabited? No Dominicans were seen, nor was any dwelling or road shown. They even showed the entrance to another river, not the Indian River, and called it the Indian River, in order to avoid showing Portsmouth. And they deliberately created the false impression that Dominica has crocodiles. We won’t bother watching the remaining thirteen episodes. 👿

Comment by Liudmila
2007-06-01 07:12:56

Yes. I agree. Unfortunately, I catch only half of the show and saw just a people, who was plaing in the role games. Better to choose the Caribbean Pirates -2 for to see Dominica, than this reality show.

Comment by Dan
2007-06-01 17:51:08

Here’s why I believe the show was scripted: One of the cast stole both of the compasses. The theft was unnoticed by the entire cast, yet was done on camera with commentary.

2007-06-01 20:20:32

I never watch television, so I had to go to great lengths to figure out how to turn on my tele and find the CBS channel (which I was surprised to find out that I have). I must say that it was definitely not worth the effort. I was hoping to see some great shots of Dominica, and there were very few. I agree with the above commenter that it was mostly just a crappy soap opera. And the fake crocodile made me laugh!! Well, at least those of us who know Dominica can laugh at their attempts at drama. Maybe one of these days someone will make a show in Dominica that does this amazing country justice.

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