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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Yup! Its time for another beach review, after reviewing Batibou beach which is on the Atlantic and remote side of the island, I thought I’d make this review a change of pace. Prince Rupert Bay stretches quite a distance from Portsmouth to Cabrits National Park. Near the Cabrits end, right on the road and accessible mere steps from parking, you will find a wonderful beach. And, if you enjoy the convenience of having food and beverages right on the beach, the Blue Bay restaurant is just a few steps away.

How To Get To Prince Rupert Bay Beach

Of course, you can walk to the beach if you live in Portsmouth, but if you’re staying as far away as Ross University which is on the other end of Portsmouth, you can just take a bus. Even if the bus drops you at the main bus terminal in the center of Portsmouth, the beach is only a short walk away. And, you’ll be passing a number of excellent places to pick up sandwiches and bottled drinks on your way.




Come On Down And Lose Your Frown 😀

Don’t worry about protection from the sun? There are huge almond trees and a gazebo near the Purple Turtle. Because the beach is popular and accessible, you can meet people and make new friends there. You might even find an impromptu volleyball game to join or watch. By all means, bring your own Frisbee or Nerf football and invite people to play. Need a break from the beach? No problem, stroll along the road towards Portsmouth and take in the shops. Or walk over the causeway to the Cabrits and take a tour of Fort Shirley. So, when it comes to fun, Prince Rupert Bay beach is the one.

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Comment by Larry
2007-05-03 01:51:01

I have been reading your posts for close to a year and have never left a comment. 😥 Up till now my favorite where the airport landing videos. 😯 I was tempted to leave a comment when you offered free calenders but felt it was to needy of me to leave a post then. 😕 The restaurant reviews are appreciated too 😛 BUT the beach reviews make me smile the most. 🙂

Cheers from Canada

Comment by Chris
2007-05-03 06:36:05


Thanks for your visiting the site and hope you will continue to enjoy Dominica Weekly.


Comment by Becky
2010-11-12 16:32:26

Just new to your site. I love reading about such a beautiful place. I will be lucky to be spending one day on the island as a stop on a cruise. I don’t have any thing arranged yet for spending the day. Is it possible to go for a ride around the island using the bus and still have time on the beach?


Comment by Chris
2010-11-13 06:14:13

Hi Becky,

Thanks for your comment, and I tell you quiet frankly that you’re going to love Dominica (if you’re someone who loves nature and adventure).

To answer your question on whether there will be enough time to go to the beach after a tour around the island. It all depends on how early the cruise ship docks in Dominica; usually an island tour takes about 4-6 hours – which includes stops at different tourism sites.

There should be in enough time to visit the beach; and the best thing is to talk to the tour operator or bus driver about your plans.

I hope you enjoy our nature island, and we would love if you would share your experience with other travelers by commenting on this blog.


Comment by Dan
2010-11-13 15:47:14

Becky, some bus tours can take you to Champagne, where the bubbles from under the sea floor rise through the rocks and coral, and it’s like swimming in a glass of champagne. It’s great to snorkel there.Other bus tours will take you to the Emerald Pool, also great for a swim. Take Chris’s advice and talk to the driver. Find a like-minded group and all go to a beach together.

Comment by Becky
2010-11-14 10:01:55

Thanks for the replies.
After much reading about Dominica I’m now trying to arrange something for whale watching and If there is time a short hike for bird watching. Can you recommend a company/person for either of these?

Comment by Dan
2010-11-14 10:50:15

You can whale watch from the Anchorage Hotel in Castle Comfort, which is just slightly south of Roseau. The best person I know of for whale watching advice would be Dr. Firzroy Armour

Here’s bird-watching info.

But either is practically impossible to fit-in on a cruise ship visit. Perhaps a whale-watch, but the parrots can only be seen early morning and just before dusk when they leave and return to roost.

A plug: Return to Dominica and stay at Sea Fans Apartment:

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