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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

The Rastafarian community here has called for the total liberation of black people by becoming self sustaining and having the willpower to grow and eat their own food.

This is part of the annual week of activities during their African Liberation celebration.

This year, the Rastafarian’s celebrated under the theme: Ital food security and natural levity is a sure sign of a liberated people.

Bernard ‘Imani’ Shaw, Elder in the House of Nyabinghi, believes that persons should re examine agriculture as an industry and become self reliant in terms of food production in Dominica, to be totally liberated.
“We say that agriculture is on the decline, and that we can hardly get people to work the land again. That is a threat to our existence because anytime a nation is dependant on outsiders for its food; we know it’s in trouble.

“That is the liberation that we need, that we can begin to free our own self, that we can begin to use what we have as a people,�? Ras Imani told The Times.

He said people need to evaluate the percentage of their purchases that are produced locally and externally to get a fair indication on the route they are taking.

“We as a people need to liberate ourselves; we need to depend on what we have for our own benefit, for our own progress and development.

“That is the liberation that we talking about, not only to rely on foreign things, but what we have. What it takes is a will, the will is really lacking on our people,�? Ras Imani said.

The Rastafarians hosted an exhibition at Newtown to portray a number of items that can be produced locally including food, art and textiles, among other things.

They also held a march through the streets of Roseau to promote liberation.

“The question has always been asked, what are we still fighting for, hasn’t Africa been liberated already, haven’t we fought for independence and won? Haven’t Dominica become independent?

“Yes we are free but I don’t think we are really liberated as a people. We want our people to realise that the struggle has ended, that is why we say self dependence, self reliance,�? Ras Imani said.

Posted by Times News on 2006/6/1

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Comment by gary Mason
2008-02-17 18:40:54

I totally agree with the comments made, my mother comes from the Island and she always talks of it’s beauty and naturalness, I would like to say that the world is promoting organic living and paying crazy prices for it, were as Dominica has this in abundance, please people realize you are truly living in paradise, so maintain it, nurture it, live by its laws because the laws of nature is our true religion and the key to what life is really about not material things.
I myself would love to be in Dominica promoting it’s beauty working it’s land and basking in its beauty.
Material living have taken us away from our true selves please Dominica don’t go down this road free your minds become self reliant because the world wants what is yours, so they give you pittance for it and in return laugh at you whilst they become rich. Dominica listen to Bernard Imani Shaw as he is talking sense.

Peace, Love and Harmony

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