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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

One thing I come to realized after talking with a few people about their goals which they’ve set for themselves, is that a major obstacle that prevents most people from enjoyably achieving their goals is that they usually set their goals incorrectly right from the begin. And this problem occurs because people don’t understand the true nature of time well enough. When people consider a particular goal, they often worry about the commitment. For example, if I start a business now, it would maybe take years before the business can bring a profit. Just like if overweight it could take years for me get back in shape. Such thoughts though De-motivating reminds us that in life we’ve to face reality, but more importantly they reveal a total misunderstanding of the nature of time.

For people time is valuable, so we have a natural tendency to be expedient, but yet we also want to enjoy the present moment. Therefore, we’re reluctant to get goals that will take a very long time to achieve. I mean, who wants to slog for years in order to reach a potentially better life? Most of us simply don’t have the disciple to do that. Disciple is not the real issue, however. The real issue lies in the misunderstanding of time.

Just like we spend money, we tend to think of time as a resource that we spend. To complete a one-hour task is to spend an hour on it. People usually ask -how are you spending you day? Or where are you going to spend you next vacation. Time is Money, a disposable resource.

This is an impractical way to think about time, however. Time is not a resource. You cannot spend time, because I would definitely be one of those rich folks. Time spends itself. And the way I look at it you’ve no choice in the matter. No matter what you choose to do; time is going to pass anyway. It doesn’t matter if you’ve doing one thing or another for the next six years. Those five years will pass no matter what you do.

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