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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

The whole idea of an oil refinery in Dominica was clearly a bad idea, that’s why my many Dominicans rallied against the idea – forcing Prime Minister Skerrit to put all plans of the oil refinery on hold. Hooray for that. But Dominica still faces an economic crisis, cost of living is on a steady rise, fuel is also taking its toil, and not forgetting the price of electricity.

Prime Minister publicizes that any Dominican wishing to share ideas on how to help develop Dominica can make an appointment to see him. We at Dominica Weekly made two attempts to setup an appointment with the PM, to share several ideas we came up with that can help Dominica develop and also help in the curbing the problem of high electricity bills. But our attempts were unsuccessful.

We decided to develop this website called Caribbean Investments, where everyone can read the different ideas. We offer an energy program on the basis of progress and sustainable development of Dominica. Dominica, following its image of the pristine island, can provide a power, which completely expelling the oil products from the island. Dominica people must implement these ideas; the government should not be only a trendsetter in the construction of new ideas and should not bear the monetary costs to realize this projects.

Caribbean Investment Website Consists of the Following Ideas:

1.The getting of electricity in the required quantities for domestic use of island residents and for production needs from the local raw materials and some part from the garbage or waste. And electricity will be received by the large towns or several adjacent buildings or individual homes.

2. Clever use of the electricity:
a. Traditional – for households with gas stoves will be replaced with more user-friendly electric ovens.
b. Transfer gradually some part of transport to use reserved electricity in batteries, another part of transportation – to use the energy of compressed air.

3. Establish the production of National Car for Dominicans on the island.

4. Attract interested scientists from developed countries for the scientific study: make Dominica to be the scientific research polygon of the future technology.

Other Ideas Worth Reading

In basis of our concept of development states the well tested and proven in the practice technical solutions. Many of them had been used widely and successfully in the past, but have been pushed out to please the oil giants, which has created the myth that humanity, which tens and thousand of years successfully avoided oil cannot longer do without it. This is not true, and we have to prove the opposite: we call on the front edge for technological progress that would allow humans to live in harmony with the nature, without poisoning it with ill-famed convulsions of modern atomic-oil civilization.

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Comment by Ryan ramirez
2008-12-10 01:22:10

I would like to say that these are great ideas and I have ideas myself that I am planing to share with the Prime Minister is the Unites States at a meeting at the United Nation in New York. And I was wondering if I can have your consent on using some of your ideas which will be a perfect opportunity to successfully introduce him to these ideas to better Dominica. Please contact me..

Comment by Veselo
2008-12-11 14:37:26

Dear Ryan Ramirez,

Thanks in interesting of our ideas.

We will be happy if you can to present our ideas to the Prime Minister on our behalf. You can find full information on the site: If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to notice that at the present time the Government took decision to build geothermal station in Dominica. Also, with reduction of world prices on the fossilized resources as oil, gas – the economical effect from our decisions will be a little bit lower.

Comment by Grant Cooley
2009-09-18 15:00:57

Chris has there been any studies or analysis done on building the Air Car plant in Dominica?

Comment by Chris
2009-09-19 06:21:21

Not that I’m aware off…Grant – Air car is a very promising green automotive technology, and it would compliment Dominica’s whole idea of being the nature island of the Caribbean.

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