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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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Here is an interesting article in the commentary column of the called “Black Men Must Reclaim Our Children”. Thanks to fellow blogger Dan Tanner, who gave me the heads up on this article. The problem of black men not stepping up to their responsibilities in society pertains to not only to black men in Dominica but all over the world. Dads do matter, and it’s ridiculous for us to act as if all it takes is a loving mom.

Now I’m not saying that moms cannot raise their kids to be respectable people, because I’m a perfect example. My dad died when I was only five years old, and he left my mom with five children to care for. Like many single mothers out there, she raised us to the best of her ability. But there were times when I just wished that my dad was around to share certain experiences with which I couldn’t share with my mom.

Bottom line: I can sit here today and celebrate and enjoy a wonderful life because my parents were hell-bent on raising their children to do right by them, especially my mom.

Black men, it’s time to man up to our responsibilities, enough with the sperm donors. We need real men to stand up and reclaim our Children. The future of our boys is on us, and no one else. Aren’t time black men step-up? Let’s hear your comments.

Black men must reclaim our children []

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