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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

So yesterday, as usual I went to Whitchurch IGA Supercenter to pick-up a few items for the weekend. One of the items on my shopping list was to pick up some American cheese from the Deli section. I personally hate going to the Deli section. Why? To be honest, it seems like my money is no good there; every time I get a this distinct impression from the workers that I shouldn’t be buying honey roasted ham, American Cheese, etc or it feels like I’m interrupting them.

In the past two weeks I’ve witness two situations at the deli, where I believe the customers were ill-treated.

1. A lady was attempting to buy a pound American cheese, but the response from the deli worker was “the same cheese is available in the refrigerated section.” So the lady walks over to the refrigeration section, just to find out that the cheese she wanted is not there and the cheese there were way-over what she originally wanted to spend. Disappointed by the way the deli worker treated her; the lady just let the supermarket.

2. Just yesterday I witnessed another situation while having a casual conversation with one of my mom’s friends in front deli section, she then happened to look at the deli refrigerated display and saw that there were honey roasted ham in the display. But just 10 minutes ago the deli worker told her that there was no more honey roasted ham. There is a small chance that it could have been an honest mistake, but I’ve this gut feeling that it wasn’t.

I was very taken back by this because it felt these customers where being discriminated because who they were – like their money wasn’t good enough. 😡

It’s too bad the workers at Whitchurch IGA Supercenter deli don’t understand the meaning of customer service. And I’m not the only one who share this opinion. For the time being I won’t buy from the deli.

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