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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

If you’re like me, you’re maybe fed up with humanity, whether it’s from learning about what’s going on around the world, or what’s going on in our own backyard. For some reason there are always situations that leave us feeling as if people are simply incapable of behaving in a way that is coming from a place of understanding.

It seems as if people are only equipped to handle things in the worst possible way, over and over again. As a result, we find ourselves always lingering down that judgmental line about our own people.

It is perfectly natural to feel let down and ashamed when we see our people behaving in ways that are greedy, selfish, violent and insensible, but there are also ways to channel these disappointments without sinking to the level of ignorance. Once we can achieve that—and we may need to do it every day, as part of our daily self-care—we can begin to consider ways that we might help the situation in which our island finds itself.

As always, we should start with ourselves, utilizing our awareness of the failings of others to renew our own commitment to be more conscious human beings. We are all capable of the best and the worst that mankind has to offer, and remembering this keeps us in check, as well as allowing us to find compassion for others.

Whatever the case, the only thing we can do is pledge to serve the best, rather than the worst, of what mankind has to offer – both in the world, our island, and in ourselves.

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