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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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Eco tourism in Dominica can take many forms, it’s enjoyed or experienced in different ways, and affects visitors to the island in various ways.

In fact, the Very word “Ecotourism” brings different images to mind in different people. But for many, Dominica eco tourism brings to mind enjoying the island’s extraordinary biological diversity and it’s natural splendor.

Eco Lodges and Resorts in Dominica are committed to ecotourism, and it’s for that very same reason many of the resorts have sought to preserve the beautiful and fragile eco-system without sacrificing the enjoyment of the tourists.

Staying at a eco lodge or resort in Dominica, gives you the experience of the authentic rural practices, and you get the chance to learn about the about the island; little things you might just miss out on if you decide to stay at a hotel.

Ranging from the simple ones, affordable to low budget to the one that elite class prefers, there are wide variety of eco lodges in Dominica. Weather you are looking for the romantic honeymoon retreat, a relaxing getaway holiday, a family get together or a wilderness experience, the eco lodges in Dominica are appropriate for all.

Here is a list of Dominica’s top Eco-lodges and Resorts:

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, 35 rustic- luxury cottages are elevated on wooden posts amidst the coastal jungle canopy, overlooking the rugged Atlantic Ocean. The remote south- east coast of Dominica boasts a wide range of natural attractions and traditional Caribbean life at its purest. Jungle Bay is an ideal setting for adventure travelers, group retreats, weddings and honeymoons.

The New York Times Hails Jungle Bay as ” Unique…Rustic Luxe, the Wall Street Journal says”…something no eco-conscious travler should miss!

Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge

Nestled deep in the heart of the Rosalie rainforest, in the mountains at the back of 3 Rivers Eco Lodge. Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge is probably the most unusual/extreme holiday accommodation in Dominica; Offering total seclusion, we offer a choice of natural and rustic jungle lodges.definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Papillote Wilderness Retreat

Opened in 1969, Papillote Wilderness Retreat lays claim to being the first eco-lodge in Dominica. Situated about 5 miles above Roseau, Papillote is set amidst a lush botanical garden with gently flowing streams and hot mineral pools.

Beau Rive

Beau Rive is settled comfortably amid three acres of tropical gardens and forest on the banks of its namesake and the Richmond River, with a dramatic view of the ever-crashing waves at Anse Francais and Wakaman Point. The 10 ocean-view double rooms feature queen-sized beds, a private shower, and a veranda.

Cocoa Cottages

Cocoa Cottages, a rustic 6-bedroom eco-sensitive resort designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment nestled in Dominica’s most beautiful rainforest. Cocoa Cottage is a tranquil utopia, 4 miles from Roseau the capital, but a world apart!

Calilisbie Lodges

Located on the north coast of the island Dominica, Calibishie Lodges Hotel is a charming retreat, built in a typical Caribbean style, and is one of the best Dominica island hotels.Ideal for honeymooners, Calibishie Lodges offers an exotic Caribbean accommodation, where you can simply relax and enjoy nature’s tranquility.where you can simply relax and enjoy nature’s tranquility.

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beau rive living room

Beau Rive ( 767-445-8992) is a truly outstanding “old world charm” hotel in Castle Bruce run by its proprietor Mark Steele.

The hotel normally serves only breakfasts and suppers and only to its guests and its fare is table d’hôte. But because we’re friends and because it was our 37th wedding anniversary and our daughter was visiting from the US and her and best friend and former college roommate paid an additional surprise visit, and because he wasn’t full up with guests and thus had a table free, Mark consented to provide us a meal even though we were not hotel guests.

The meal was outstanding. We had tomato tart appetizers, coconut chicken with breadfruit garnish entree (our daughter Mathilda, a vegetarian, had a special veggie plate) and fruit crumble with ice cream dessert and coffee & tea. The ambience was wonderful, with soft jazz playing and jasmine scent occasionally wafting through.

If you’re visiting Dominica, or live here and want a classy getaway, you can do no better than to lodge at Beau Rive.

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laplaine coastline

Editor’s note: This article was written by Leslie Long from – Your Online Guide to Lifestyles.

Yes, we love beaches. And there’s nothing like the warm turquoise waters and soft white sand of a blissful Caribbean beach. But if we like beaches, we’ve certainly done beaches. Probably many times. If you’re looking for something more exotic, but still warm and wonderful, think about Dominica.

Known as The Nature Island, it lies between The French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. What’s so nature-y? It has 365 rivers plus waterfalls, boiling lakes, pristine coral reefs and rainforests said to be among the last true oceanic rainforests in the world. Dominica is also at the forefront of eco-tourism so you can choose from nature tours, hikes, whale and dolphin watches and incredible bird watching. And although the beaches are mostly rocky, the diving and snorkeling are great.

What’s to eat before or after immersing yourself in all this natural beauty?

Ritual’s Coffee House has a surprisingly trendy atmosphere, considering its remoteness. Start the day here or stop in later for a slice of their beloved Amaretto Cheesecake. La Maison in the center of the main town Roseau – and serves surprisingly sophisticated fare. Mirage is the place for food as interesting as the island itself: a mix of North African, Mediterranean, Indian and South American.

Where to stay?

Dominica sites

The small hotels hugging the green hillsides are a welcome change from the typical sprawling island spots. Beau Rive Dominica is built into a hillside and has just ten rooms. All are beautiful and have ocean views. Best of all, prices start at $137 a night, breakfast included. With a roof bar, swimming pool, forest trail and gardens of citrus and spice, it’s dreamy and different – just like Dominica.

Although beaches here are few and far between, there are a couple and Calibishie Cove Hotel overlooks one. The hotel’s four rooms are private, pretty and feature free Internet access and complimentary use of a local cell. Local foods are on the menu, including tropical fruits and island beers. Even the soaps are made locally.

Here’s a great way to get in the mood to visit this decidedly different island. Take a look at the work of local artist Marie Frederick. With a range of prices, there’s something for all budgets. But the bright colors and island scenes make the island feel closer than ever. If you go to Dominica, be sure to stop at her studio.

For the most island-y place to stay, check out Marie’s Tree Cottage. This outdoor guest room with Frederick’s colorful paintings, romantic mosquito nets and a view of emerald hillsides could not be more authentic.

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