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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

 crowd of people watching the canoe boat race at dive fest 2008

After ten days filled with Dive Fest activities/events: discovering scuba diving, underwater treasure hunt, one day underwater shoots, photo exhibition, etc. Dive fest 2008 sadly came to an end with the grand finale with the Kubuli Carib Canoe Race.

Once again Team Cable & Wireless bMobile / NetSpeak captured the right to be called the 2008 Kubuli Carib Canoe Race Champions – it’s the second straight year that Cable and Wireless have won the title. To all the other teams who participated in the race I’ve only 6 words for you – “well there is always next year“. 🙂

Here are some of the results from dive fest 2008 and photos from the Kubuli Carib Canoe Race and beach party. Enjoy!

Jewellers International and Victorinox/Swiss Army Underwater Treasure Hunt!

1st Place: Team Serendipity – Karen & Jake each won a Victorinox/Swiss Army Dive Watch!
2nd Place: Team Fig Mi – Mathew & Ginger – each won a Geo Dive Computer by Oceanic!
3rd Place: Team Monty – Allen & Monty – each won a brand new Pioneer Dive Mask from Oceanic!

SeaLife Cameras Underwater Photo Competition

1st place: Sue Heiter
Photo: Shrimp in a Sponge
Prize: Sealife DC800 Camera Pro Kit

2nd Place:Carmine Genovese
Photo: Christmas Tree Worm
Prize: Sealife Mini Camera

3rd Place: Julie Taylor
Photo: Diver & Crinoid
Prize: Oceanic Pioneer Dive Mask & Dive Fest 2008 shirt.

Honourable Mention: Marie Noelle Lamys
Photo: Barracuda
Prize: Oceanic Pioneer Mask

For more results and information about Dive Fest 2008, visit the Dive Fest Blog.

photo of the starting point of the canoe race - dive fest 2008 (more…)

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A lot of people might know this but beer has great nutritional value, and can be a source of recycled energy. In recent beer recycling projects have focused on the beer-to-energy angle, or transforming beer-to-fuel four you auto.

Researchers are now taking a new angle in beer recycling; Green King Brewery of Suffolk, UK, is planning to build a beer recovery plant.

The brewery plans to take back keg dregs, and expired beer so that the benefits of yeast and the fresh ingredients can be given back to the local farms – in the form of cow-feed flavorizer. 🙂 Yummmooooo.

Photo Credit: ::law_keven via flickr

Farmers love it and although the waste is still alcoholic it doesn’t seem to do the animals any harm, although we have noticed rather a lot of happy cows around East Anglia – says Brewery spokesperson Frances Brace

Old beer and the precipitate (especially rich in yeast) are usually thrown down the drain, where in some countries can be a burden on water treatment facilities in addition wasting valuable nutrients in beer which in not bad after all, it is merely not fresh enough for particular humans.

My Open Thread

One thing that struck me, the article says nothing about removing the alcohol content from the beer before feeding it to the cows. In 25 years research will probably show that cows developed beer bellies from all that beer. 🙂 Oh, and yes, it will lead to happy children drinking their Happy Milk – from Happy Cows. Kinda makes you wonder – what happens to all the expired beer in the Caribbean? Is it recycled? There a chance its fed to chickens…lately I’ve come across quite few Happy Chickens. 😆

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