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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

KokoNutz BeachBar Bistro

KokoNutz BeachBar Bistro is a lovely little place on the bay in Calibishie that has been making steady progress under its owner, Carol Ann Watson. Starting several years ago with just a hut and a dream and cooking on a propane barbecue grill, Carol Ann has persevered with patience and hard work, and has added a lovely kitchen from which she prepares full-service meals that can be enjoyed at beach tables on the bay or, if there’s a bit of rain, under cover, still with a great view of Calibishie Bay. Either way, you can kick off your sandals and dig your toes into the sand while you enjoy your meal or drink.

Don’t worry about parking or reservations, because except for holidays and weekend evenings at bar-side, there’s always space for diners. But if you want to be sure of a place and what’s available on the menu, you can call 445-7112 (land line) or 315-6415 (mobile). Just remember that KokoNutz is closed Mondays and, during the off-tourist season, on Tuesdays as well.

Carol Ann herself cooks to order, and don’t be surprised if she engages you in conversation about music, things to do, local news, and so; in fact, her gregariousness is part of the place’s charm. And she encourages drop-by visitors, which are frequent day and night to lie in the hammock and/or have a drink, to have a chat too. 🙂

Prices are on the “tourist” side, but you’ll hear only praise for the quality of the fare that Carol Ann serves. With increasing numbers of visitors to Calibishie, for instance, busloads visiting the Hampstead Beach “Pirates” location and the new Tourism Information Center and Craft Shop on Calibishie’s Bay Street, Carol Ann’s charming garden entrance to KokoNutz should entice new customers as well. We hope the bus will wait, because those folk will enjoy the place and want to relax there for a while.

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