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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

I’ve just finished reading “The Dominica Story: A History of the Island
” by Dominica’s own outstanding multi-faceted Lennox Honychurch. It was given to me by my wife Ruth as a 70th birthday gift, and is a gift that I’ll treasure and re-use.

We are retiree settlers here in the Nature Island, and did not have the experience of learning about Dominica in school or while growing up.

Although I believe that this fine book makes a perfect addition to anyone’s library, it is, in my opinion, a “must have” for those like ourselves.

The Dominica Story kept me fascinated with its complete (and I mean complete) history of the island including its very formation, geology, anthropology, natural and societal histories. Of course, I learned lots that I hadn’t known, and I also found myself well-grounded in familiar place names and even with names of persons I knew, know, and may have heard of.

In a manner that kept me glued to the book, I learned about the complex, often interlaced, issues that Dominica has faced, overcome, and still faces as challenges (or opportunities).

To write that that this book is well-researched would be serious understatement, as the extensive bibliography and numerous illustrations attest to well. But then, knowing the author, one would expect nothing less. Also admirable is his delicate, fully professional, treatment of historical events intertwined with his or his family’s own history.

This book is available in local bookstores or order your copy at

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