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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

By year end thousand of Caribbean nationals will be kicked out of Barbados by the government. While making the announcement in Barbados’ parliament, Prime Minister David Thompson declared that the levels of illegal immigrant in Barbados were unacceptably high, and is increasingly difficult to control, posing potential negative challenges to the island socio-economy.

While I agree, that no country can tolerate an unrestricted flow of person into its territory, but on the other hand, I believe the policy of expelling Caribbean nationals violates the CARICOM treaty and united spirit it stands for.

Don’t forget that it wasn’t too long ago the heads of Government, including former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Auther attending the 18th Inter-Sessional conference in Jamaica in 2007, agreed of fully implement the Caribbean Single Market and Economy by 2015 and allow full free movement by 2009.

Now five months into 2009, the dreams of free movement throughout the Caribbean have proved to be a only pipe dreams.

When are these heads of government going to understand that disaster-prone, small and vulnerable islands like ours are not blessed with natural resources that can allow us to stand alone. If we can’t find a way soon to put our differences aside, where we can swim together, we will surely drown separately in this global crisis.

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The Caribbean isn’t in very good shape right now. More and More the air is getting polluted. The Caribbean Sea is becoming plastic soup. We’re in a financial crisis. Things don’t seem to be looking too good for the entire planet.

Yesterday the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat has outlined a renewable energy plan that it says will help it promote a more energy secure region.

According to Director of Sustainable Development at the CARICOM Secretariat Garfield Barnwell:

“The Secretariat’s energy programme is structured in a manner to build a foundation that could lead the region to provide its people with available, affordable reliable and sustainable sources of energy based mainly on the region’s indigenous resources.”

Don’t get me wrong, I believe a renewable energy plan for the Caribbean Region is a great idea. But there are a lot of people that have a lot of answer. Everyone thinks their answer is right. We need cleaner, natural sources for energy. We need biodegradable products that if dumped, will simply disintegrate within a few weeks. As far as the financial crisis goes, that’s a whole other story by itself. Some people say we need more regulation. Others say we need more jobs. Others still say the cost of living is increasing too fast for our incomes to keep up.

Everyone has answers.

The problem is, none of these answers address the fundamental problem. The answer isn’t in better solutions, fixes and different angles. The answer is… we need to do less.

See, the reason why we’re in this big mess is really simple. It may seem like there’s so much we need to do, to make things right. And that’s the problem right here. We don’t need to do more. We just need to make more of an effort to do less.

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 historic buildings in Roseau

Your Dominica morning news roundup for Friday September 26th 2008:

Let me start this brew by apologizing for not being able to post the regular “Morning Brew” – reason: serious headache.

After winning three regional titles, the latest being the Miss Caribbean World pageant in Tortola, British Virgin Islands last Saturday. The Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC) has taken a decision to name the VIP section at the 11th Annual World Creole Music Festival after Dominica’s reigning Carnival Queen Marah Walter.

The DFC sure knows how to treat a Queen – hmmm… let’s just name the VIP after her. Note to DFC – monetary prizes are also welcome.

According to the CPI report, Dominica is still on Corrupt Countries list. Dominica came in 33 with a 6.0 score out of the 180 nationals survey globally. Countries with scores less than five out of ten indicate a serious corruption problem. Well I’m guessing it’s safe to say that Dominica is on the brink of “Serious Corruption”.

Question: Is this the type corruption brought about by our officials in public office this report is talking about?

Twenty students from the Dominica State College are among the first batch of sixty (60) university students to be trained on how to identify and develop a response to opportunities within the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). The objective is to engage the next generation in the Caribbean in identifying career opportunities in the field with regard to wage employment, self- employment and starting a business within the CSME.

In my personal opinion CSME is all talk – and the field promotion in Jamaica is a perfect example. Most of the CARICOM countries are years away from being CMSE ready.

National E-Business Incubator on the Brink to Foster Great Entrepreneurs in Dominica, and is seek to transform inventive ideas, start ups and pledging businesses into sustainable enterprises which will be equipped to compete internationally.

Commissioner of Police told the press that together with the Minister of National Security there will be zero tolerance of any kidnapping here in Dominica or persons setting up road blocks. The police also announced that two of the men responsible for a recent kidnapping incident were taken into custody by the Dominica Police Force.

Take note lawbreakers – Dominica is maybe the only place in the world where someone get sent-away for 25-30 years for kidnapping and setting up road blocks.

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