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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Travel to Dominica: One of the World’s Best Ethical Destinations

Thousands of people go travelling all round the world every year. They choose countries and destinations according to various reasons.

For some of them nature plays the main role, for others the key point is the activities and diversities. But not every traveller realizes the fact that his or her travel tour can become a powerful instrument.

An instrument is a tool which makes something right and correct, that is how a travel tour may influence the welfare of the visited country.

The point is that everything is interconnected. Welfare influences tourism, and vice versa. Mindful tourism normally takes into consideration various nature protection-pointed factors. These factors start with the means of transport a tourist selects, and end with the social situation in the country chosen.

Due to this, the World’s Best Ethical Destinations List is composed every year. The destinations mentioned have succeeded in environmental protection, improving social welfare and widening the human rights. These 3 critical points are considered to be most significant when selecting a destination.

Dominica occupies one of the highest positions in this list and that means that Dominica meets all the requirements of environmental protection-conscious traveler, and if there are some drawbacks, the government of Dominica does its best to make progress, and to ameliorate the situation.

Dominica is environmentally progressive country and as a result the excellent quality of waters and pristine rainforests can be observed there. Everyone would agree that this point is definitely positive and it is sure to attract tourists. And tourists are those people who invest their budgets in the country. That is why it is important for a country to maintain the positive environmental state, as well as for the tourists it is critical to decide whether the country is worth their budgets to be invested.

Dominica is constantly progressing in environmental protection and now there is a renewable energy policy developed, with objective to become carbon-negative. But successful nature-consciousness does not complete the whole image. Social “well-being” is deeply connected to the positive economic situation. For example, such factors as water safety and sanitary regulations are also meaningful. Dominica meets all those requirements. Here the opportunity to experience the unspoiled natural beauty goes together with the developed social services.

Dominica is also an island of mysteries, where the authentic culture is still present and a tourist always gets a perfect chance to get in touch with it. That possibility would make your travel both inspiring and enlightening, without any comfort limitations.

Dominica occupies the leading place among the Eastern Caribbean countries in improving the human rights. There have been signed the acts which are aimed at ameliorating the situation. There is no doubt that if the human rights are violated in some country, the tourists wouldn’t wish to visit it. That is why it is important for the country to keep pace with the world’s progress in democracy and liberty. In some cases travelers may become the force which can lead to changes.

The freedoms and liberties are now being developed in Dominica to a large extent. A traveler can be sure about it, and it is one more point to the score of this marvelous island.

The island of Dominica can let a vacationer become an “ethical tourist” and to experience the features of this status. On the island the pristine natural scenery, such as crystal rivers and rainfalls, deep rainforests, powerful mountains, is combined with the properly maintained and observed social regularities, freedoms and services. Even the tourist activities are highly interconnected with genuine nature, but not with commerce. Hiking, diving and snorkeling, whales and dolphins watching… What can be more inspiring?

A trip to Dominica, one of the world’s best ethical destinations indeed, will let you achieve the inner harmony, because you will not only become closer to nature, but also take part in solving the global ethical problems.

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