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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

With everything going on around the world, it makes me realize how lucky I am to be living on this beautiful island. Where my son can play and just be a kid. My heart goes out the 84 persons killed in France and their family. 🙁

Just goes to show – that we must enjoy life to the fullest with the ones you love; because you never know.

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Image of Morne Trois Piton

Why not to spend a beautiful day in the mountains? Especially if this day is quiet and sunny; especially if you are on the Dominica Island.

So, I decided to climb to the summit of the most beautiful mountain in Dominica – Morne Trois Pitons. This mount is Dominica’s second highest peak and one of the most spectacular mountain trails in the Caribbean.

Of course, this is not a trip that should be taken alone. Usually a group of several people is formed and they are guided by a person who is familiar to these places. Our guide was Jerome, a pleasant man about sixty, a resident of the island. To get to the starting point of our trip was not difficult at all. Buses that pass Pont Casse are usually in route to Castle Bruce, Marigot or La Plaine. West Bridge in Roseau is a place to catch buses in this direction.

At last, I was on the place and our trip began. First, the path was very wide and that gave us a lot of optimism. As Jerome promised us, the first fifteen minutes we easily walked through the forest. Jerome told us about all those trees we passed: Richeria grandis, miconia mirabilis, Symphonia globulifera… Then the path narrowed and our journey became more difficult: we faced short rock scrambles and wooden steps.The next forty-five minutes gave us steep steps, another scramble up and more and more steps.

A view of the Caribbean sea from Morne Trois Pitons in Dominica

Only after an hour of our journey we began to spot the first sighs of the summit. It was worth doing it: we were granted with magnificent views of the whole island. The panorama included Dominica’s highest peak Monte Diablotin, the Layou valley, the southern edge of the Central Forest Reserve. The views were really fantastiс!

All in all it took us two whole hours and a half to reach the summit. It was not that easy! During ascending, we enjoyed beautiful sceneries of rainforests and the mountains of Morne Couronne and Morne Negres Marrons. In spite of the fact that our guide warned us beforehand that it would not be an easy trip, it was sometimes very difficult. The major part of the trail was clear and easy to follow.

Top of Morne Trois Pitons in Dominica

However there also were places where you had to climb up rocks, avoid branches and tree routes. Besides, the wet places were very slippery. But everyone felt that the job was done not in vain. We managed to climb a mount 4,550 ft high! We reached the summit and broke out a picnic to celebrate our ascent. The pleasant aroma of herbs and the fresh light breeze strengthened our hunger. And only then our guide Jerome told us that eighty percent of the tourists do not reach the summit and prefer to stay on the slopes.

Hiking up Morne Trois Pitons in Dominica

You cannot imagine how proud we were of ourselves! This mountain hike is considered one of the finest in the Caribbean. This trip was really great, it was magnificent! Not only was it much fun, but it cost every effort we put.

This trip gave me more than just several hours of climbing and the picturesque views. The moment you step on the summit and see all that beauty of the island spread out in front of us, you understand that there are much more things in the world worth living for. Do you agree?

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