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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Seven beautiful Dominicans ladies will be vying for the title of Miss Dominica 2009 at the National Queen Pageant, schedule for February 20th at the Carnival City.

We at Dominica Weekly have setup a poll where readers can RATE each of the Queen contestants on a scale of 1 to 10…(10 = best).

Then leave a comment saying who you think will win the crown on the night of the Queen Show.

To rate the Contestants, readers can simply click on the image at the top of the post or CLICK HERE>>.

The pageant’s contestants are Wendy Glenville of Castle Comfort, Nadine Sylvester of Pottersville, Amye James of Grand Bay, Kayla Benjamin of Portsmouth, Lisa Alcendor of Dubique, Kayan Toussaint of Pointe Michel and Attainea Toulon of Roseau.

Please note:The poll is not an official poll of the show.

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Editor’s note:This article was written in the January 9, issue of The chronicle Newspaper. Photos courtesy the Dominica Festival Commission.

Who will it be?

Seven young ladies from various part of Dominica will compete for the much coveted Crown of Carnival Queen Pageant 2009. Slated for February 20, the annual event which is organized by the Dominica Festival Commission and the Queen Pageant Committee is expected to be a spectacular show.

Recently The Chronicle Reporter, Hermisha Rolle interviewed the contestants and printed snippets of information regarding the Carnival Queen Pageant hopefuls in their January 19 issue of the newspaper.


Attainea Toulon, who represents Roseau, is a 21-year old teacher at the Dominica Grammar School, and she is no stranger to the stage. She has been actively involved in a number of areas of arts and culture, including singing, dancing and writing, which are also her hobbies.

In 2001, Toulon placed third when she participated in the Carnival Princess Pageant. Toulon, who has an Associates Degree in Architectural Technology, sees the competition as a positive ave and learning experience which will be beneficial in the long run.


Twenty-year –old Kayla Benjamin, Certified Travel Specialist, will represent the town of Portsmouth. Benjamin who hold an Associates Degree in Psychology, see her participation in the pageant as an opportunity to be an ambassador for her country and to show the world that Dominica has brains as well as beauty.

Benjamin who is currently pursuing an Accounting Degree enjoys socializing with friends, dancing and listening to music.


Lisa Alcendor once had a fear of public speaking. The 21-year-old who will represent Dublique said, “Going to school I had a little fear of public speaking, I had a little chat with myself. I said, ‘Lisa you need to do something to overcome that because you are going to be meeting people everyday’.”

Her mastering of this fear has opened up new opportunities, Alecendor who is now employed as a sales Clerk at R and C Auto has since participated in numerous competitions which include Miss Jupe, Miss South, Miss North, Miss Wob Dwiyet, and now Miss Dominica pageants. She enjoys reading, dancing and singing.


Twenty –year-old Amye James, a former student of the Grand Bay Primary school and the Pierre Charles Secondary School, will represent Grand Bay. Though she has participated in pageants before, James admits that persuasion from friends and family was the key to her decision to compete in this event. She describes herself as a little shy with a very competitive side. Jame travels and socializes in her spare time.


Representing Pointe Michel is 21-year-old Kayan Toussaint, a junior clerk in the Ministry of Housing Land and Telecommunications.

She is also pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Accounting at the University of the West Indies. She considers the competition to be a learning experience which can help her to become a better person.
While she like singing, dancing and painting, toussaint also considers herself to be a child abuse prevention advocate and she sees the competition as an opportunity to sensitize Dominicans on the high rate of child abuse here and the gravity of the problem.

Her immediate plan is to form a youth group that would focus on improving the lives of teens, sensitizing persons about child abuse and counseling.


Wendy Glanville, who is among the Courts Dominica Finance personnel, will represent the Castle Comfort community.

The 20-year-old listed her hobbies as designing, socializing, crocheting and cake decorating. She revealed that her participation in the pageant is the realization of a childhood fantasy.

Glanville is a former student of the St. Martin Primary School, convent High school and the Dominica State College where she obtained an Associates Degree in Accounting.


Nadine Sylvester who will represent Pottersville is a 21-year-old receptionist at Marpin Telecoms and Broadcasting.

She holds an Associates Degree in Tourism and Hospitality and describes herself as a motivated, confident young woman with a good attitude. She has an undying lover for creative fashion designing and also enjoys singing and socializing.

Sylvester sees the competition as an opportunity to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS and of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Sylvester has been involved in the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers group. She was also the Dominica Guides Association’s Programme commissioner and as a regional trainer for the Together We Can Programme for the Dominican Red Cross.

Who do you think will win 2009 Carnival Queen Pageant? Give your prediction in the comments below.

Rate the Seven Carnival Queen Contestants

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Photo of the 2009 Dominica Carnival Queens contesants2009 Carnival queen Contestants at Lip Sync Competition – Photo courtesy The Lime

Hundreds of Dominicans gathered at the Arawak House of Culture Saturday night to witness the pre-launching of the seven young ladies vying for the 2009 Carnival Queen Pageant on February 20.

Those competing for the crown are 20-year-old Wendy Glenville from Castle Comfort; 21-year-old Nadine Sylvester from Pottersville; 20-year-old Amye James of Grand Bay; Kayla Benjamin of Portsmouth; 21-year-old Lisa Alcendor from the community of Dubique; Kayan Toussaint out of Pointe Michel and Attainea Toulon of Roseau.

Each contestants graced the stage making different appearances in Casual Wear, Swim Wear and Evening Wear. They also had to make a speech.

Click here to see photos from the Carnival Queens Pre-Launch Show – By

Might be to early, but after looking at the photos from the 2009 Carnival Queen Pageant Pre-launch Show. What’s your prediction? Who do you think will win the 2009 Carnival Queen pageant come February 20? Share your predictions in the comments.

Rate the Seven Carnival Queen Contestants

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