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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

miss dominica 2010 and calypso king karessah

The 2010 Carnival Tuesday Costume Parade started late — nearly two hours from the scheduled nine “O” clock start. But many Parade watchers say the wait was well worth it.

Much like last year, this year’s Costume parade was diverse, fun, colourful, political, and commercial; but most importantly it was LOUD and it was ORIGINAL!

A special shout-out goes to all the Queen Contestants, Teens, Princesses, Costume Band Organizers, and everyone else who helped organize and make the parade such a great success.

Here are some photos from Carnival Tuesday: Costume Parade…Enjoy!

Dana Augustine

queen contestant:Kristelle Fagan


Michael Jackson Costume

Mercury Carnival Band 2010

For more photos of Carnival Tuesday: Costume Parade, check-out our Dominica Island Facebook Page and much more of Carnival Tuesday Parade »

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Carnival is just a few weeks away and many people are thinking about what carnival band they should join. Today I got an email from the organizes of Mercury Carnival Band – Indigenous Pride of Dominica, asking whether or not I’ve check-out the newly launched Mercury Carnival Band website. If you’re among the many who hasn’t decided on which carnival band to join for Dominica Carnival 2008, then Mercury band might be your answer. The website is to help take a look at the different sections of the band and to give you an idea off how the costumes look. You’ll find lots of pictures and information about the band concept.

In keeping with Reunion 2008, and Dominica’s celebration of 30 yrs of independence, Mercury band organizes conceptualized a band that showcases three things that are truly Dominican. Mercury takes pride in our Nation’s Culture… and pride in what is indigenous to our Country…And for the Real Mas 2008, Mercury brings you IPOD: Indigenous Pride of Dominica.

Amazona Imperialis

amazona-imperialis-costume.jpgThis costume represents our National Bird, the only parrot found on any Nation’s Flag, The Sisserou, which exemplifies royalty with its purple chest and proud stance. The Sisserou spreads its wings and takes flight, soaring gracefully in pairs. This is Mercury’s prize costume. It was designed to transform YOU into the Sisserou.

Bois Kwaib

bois-kwaib.jpgThis costume is our National flower. She blossoms crimson in the midst of drought. The bois kwaib represents a resilience found inherently in all Dominicans, a strength and beauty of culture which shines through when times are hard. This small but beautiful flower is almost perfectly represented in bright fuchsia with red highlights. The head piece is an exaggerated version of this small but radiant flower.


drapeau-costume.jpgThis costume is an artistic recreation of the Flag of Dominica. The colour representations are the same as the flag, with green symbolizing the lushness of the island, yellow for the sun and richness of culture, the black people and soil, and white to represent our many rivers, water and purity of heart. Red, which traditionally stands for the blood of the people, is seen within the 10 stars which are purposefully placed on the head, for intelligence, the chest from which comes the heart and warmth of our people, the waist as a symbol of fertility and continuity, AND the neck, wrist, arms and legs from where the yokes and shackles of slavery were broken. The stripes on the Flag are clearly visible on this costume.

If you want to join Mercury Carnival Band then you should go check-out the website now. There is information on the different ways you can pay to get registered in the band and contact information of the mercury band organizers.

I wonder what happened to the men costumes, because the website shows no pictures of men costumes. I’m guessing that guys are not interested in costume band or the maybe the organizes are marketing towards having more women in the band. Which is obvious that once there are lots women involved -guys follow. 😆 Which costume band are you linking-up with for Dominica Carnival 2008? Let’s hear ‘em comments.

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