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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

kids playingPhoto by Diego Cupolo

There are times on the weekends, when I just lounge lazily on the bed with my nephews and just abandon all my daily concerns, and just play.Or I’ll sit and just watch them play, pretending they’re superheros or shooting each other with stick guns.

It never fails to leave me with a sense of wonder, of pure joy, of a return to innocence and a simpler time. As grown ups, we’ve lost this childlike sense of life. And that’s actually a sad thing. As grown ups here in the nature isle, we’ve lost this childlike sense of life. And that’s actually a sad thing.

Being more childlike is not just about happiness and innocence, it helps us to be more creative, more imaginative, more innovative and open to worlds of possibilities. These are some of the qualities we need instilled in many of our Dominican leaders today.

We could learn a lot from children. Sure, they have qualities we might not want, but in my eyes, they are already perfect. We don’t need to mold them into people, nor shouldn’t we abandon our responsibilities as parents, but we can learn a lot from children and be more like them in some ways.

How to be more childlike

We must first acknowledge that no change is immediate, that any change worth keeping takes time. Start by deciding to ditch caution and to give this a try. Start by identifying the qualities of children you’d like to emulate: curiosity, play, living in the moment, abandoning worries, imagination, creativity, pure joy.

Q:Could it be that going back to innocent child like perception could once again make our leaders intelligent, honest and solution focused human beings instead of mindless fearful lemmings?

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