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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Dominica is the heart of the Caribbean islands where you can find plenty of warm sandy beaches, evergreen plants and bright colours. That is the dream of nearly every urban resident, who doesn’t have a chance to bask in the sun in a megalopolis.

That is why sometimes travellers don’t bother to make some plans for their vacation and prefer to lay on the beach, to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean and to admire the picturesque scenery of Dominica during the holiday.

Surely, it is a nice way of spending your free time, but trying to get new emotions by the options Dominica can offer you is also a great idea.

The lovely nature of Dominica will certainly conquer your heart, but there is also a wide range of interesting things you can see there. The forests and gardens are ready to open their mysteries for the travellers. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? How about numerous full-flowing rivers and waterfalls hiding high in the mountains? It is certainly a must-see. But you can be sure that there are lots of such “must-sees” in Dominica.

Caribbean Seascape

For example, tropical gardens offering you a variety of plants: trees, bushes and flowers. A tourist must also visit the last native settlement of the Caribbean Indians who cultivate bread-fruit and banana trees and produce woven baskets which are purchased by most tourists as souvenirs.

Your vacations continue for some days or weeks, but you are not sure you’d manage not to miss something noteworthy. And it is always such a pity to realize you’ve missed something! You are not attracted by such a situation, do you? The best possible way out is to plan your vacation thoroughly!

Image of yachts anchored outside Dominica

Don’t hesitate to spend some hours in research for the sights you anticipate to see, for the hotels providing everything you need, for the travel agencies offering the options you’d like to have and for the activities you’d like to take up! Scuba diving, wind-surfing, fishing, sailing or overnight hiking may become your lifetime experience.

Planning you vacation will let a traveller get anything he/she wants without wasting the time. Plan your excursions and activities without forgetting to swim and to sunbathe. Don’t want to do it yourself? Use the services of travel agencies then. Travel agencies will not only help you not to miss anything important and to leave out the things you’re not interested in, but also to get some discounts for tickets and bookings.

And don’t forget one more thing that is of great importance. This is, of course, the planning of your budget. Try to get the information about prices and discounts and nothing will be able to spoil your fabulous vacation in Dominica.

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When thinking of taking an adventure holiday in the Caribbean, the very first place which comes to mind is Dominica. Adventure holidays draw thousands of people every year.

Gone are the days when white sand beaches and all-inclusive resorts were the only preferred options for a great vacation.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will remain in the vacationer’s memories forever. Dominica holidays give a tourist the opportunity to be in the land of beautiful waterfalls, stunning landscapes, beautiful national parks which are filled with exciting adventure.

See the island of Dominica come alive with its many activities. Heed the call and visit the Nature Island.

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