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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Anybody would agree with me that Dominica is one of the most beautiful natural islands in the Caribbean region. The island is shrouded in towering mountain ranges and tropical rainforests; Dominica is a beautiful place to be. Regarding the Dominica weather, it is has a subtropical and a hot region year-round.

The primary rainy season is from June to October when the region it at its most humid and hottest period. The period between December all through to May is considered the best time to visit this beautiful island.

The variation in altitudes, coupled with the heat and rain, plays a vital part in aiding the island in maintaining a diverse plant life and vegetation, that includes more than one thousand species of flowering plants.

sunny weather in Dominica

The Dominica Weather details.

The average daytime temperatures range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit up to high 80s. The night temperatures are notably cooler and drop by about 11 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are by far the hottest, bearing in mind that the highest temperatures can reach up into the 90s. However, the winter is somehow cooler, with the temperatures averaging between 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the temperatures can be extremely sweltering, they are hugely controlled, cooled and moderated by the brisk trade northeastern winds, thus creating a lovely island breeze.

It is paramount to note that the weather seasons of the Dominica are not so much dependent on temperature, but vastly are determined by rainfall. The seasons are significantly determined by the rainy and dry spells, and the region experiences precipitation amounts that are fairly distributed throughout the year. And if you didn’t know, cooling rain showers are experienced almost every day, specifically in the region’s densely forested areas, but the drier seasons are thought to be from January to May.

Rainy weather in Dominica

The wettest months which are between to July to October, are also the months that defines the season of the hurricane. During this period, the skies are more cloudy, and you are a traveler, you should expect increased amount of rainfalls. Precisely, as a tourist, you should know that visiting this island during the summer is safer, but again as a general rule, just keep an eye on the weather reports and details, since Dominica experiences storm activity. Always be prepared with an alternative plan, in case any incidences of an unexpected weather rear up.

Different regions of Dominica do vary rainfall amounts as well as temperature, and as a vacationer, you should plan appropriately, while visiting. If your intention is to hike the trails of the mountainsides and rainforests of Dominica, just be assured of experiencing some rainfall amounts, which is noticed almost daily. Other regions that are densely forested and of high altitudes are also cooler every day, as compared to coastal areas of the island. Coastal zones are in most instances humid and hotter but are more or less again modified by the sea breezes. If you are a traveler, probably it is a splendid idea carrying with you essential breathable rain gear equipment and a rain jacket.

As a visitor, you are assured of finding an incredibly wonderful island paradise in Dominica. However, bearing mind that the region experiences significant changes in the weather, always be prepared for unexpected conditions of weather, and don’t allow yourself to get trapped while enjoying your time on the tropical island.

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