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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

How many times have Dominica been mistaken for the Dominican Republic? How many times have you read articles about the different Caribbean Islands, where Dominica is just completely overlooked? Over a zillion times I bet! Here is one of the suggestions by a frequent contributor to the Sun Newspaper.

I have suggested before that we make a simple change…A country’s name should be free and clear of any confusion with any other country on the surface of the Earth. Iran and Iraq are close but clearly distinguishable. The same would apply to “Dominique” and Dominican Republic…besides “Dominique” is already in common usage for a very long time and is reflective of the history and of our country. Why not make the change now? More, Dominica is Latin…Dominique is French. It is quite obvious that we considerably more French than Latin.

I personally think, it will be difficult to get accustom if Dominica name changes, but on the other hand it will greatly reduce all the mix-ups with the Dominican Republic. What do you think; would Dominica change its name to Dominique? Let’s hear opinions in the comments.

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