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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

The issue of sustainable development has been a troublesome issue in many territories and the Caribbean is no exception; as the pace of development has begun and in some cases has already outstripped the rate at which our valuable and fragile ecosystem can replenish itself.

These days, the scrutiny that is being placed on the global environment is unparalleled. While the consequences of global warming were considered a far off threat, experts are now predicting them to be real and imminent danger.

How can we prepare against forces that are beyond our control? What development policies can we implement at this stage of the game to prevent any further damage to our environment?

The need for the implementation of an effective land use policy, which of course would embrace the various concerns associated with the environment. We can only blame a lack of policy on the trends and now some areas of the island are paying dearly for it.

If we fail to introduce meaningful changes in the way we have gone about building our economies, we risk losing many years of investment in the tourism sector. But alas, are we too late?

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