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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Dominica is great for experienced tourists, but it’s a nice place for families either, perfect for a vacation. How do you get there from, say, the U.S.?

One option is a direct flight from San Juan to the Melville Hall airport. That’ll be an ATR prop plane. The landings and take-offs make some travelers worry: Runways are short and look barely sufficient. If a member of your family gets apprehensive when flying, the Melville Hall flight is not a good choice. You should also know that if you pick it, your luggage may get late.

While nobody wants overload the plane, the passengers are given higher priority than their stuff. So if the flight is full, some luggage will be left behind until the next flight, which is a day later. In case it would be your luggage delayed, pack the essentials in a carry-on. These should be repellents, medications, clothes, and other things.

If you prefer habitual jets, you may come to the nearest islands first (that’ll be an ordinary jet flight to Martinique or Guadeloupe), and then take a ferry to Dominica.

The roads in Dominica are generally curvy. Sometimes, you can’t see what’s coming, in those areas you have to honk to warn people who may be on your way. To pass by another car, you have to pull over (and so has the other driver). If you happen to see a tight country road, make sure if it’s not the arterial highway, because this is how it looks.

Where to stay? So far, there are no chic resorts, and if that’s what your family needs, Dominica won’t meet your wishes. It’s focused on coziness, so look for private places, small hotels, and eco-resorts. You can find the most lodging at the Roseau area, but it’s busy and may be not what you need. Before you pick something, figure out if children are allowed there.

It may be lame to tell you that, but children need special conditions. At some places you’ll be saved all the trouble. Hubicus Valley Inn has packages with food and tours, and Sunset Bay Club &Dive Resort offer special packages for children–they may stay and eat free. Tamarind Tree Hotel fulfills the entertaining part with an eco-programme for kids. And the Fort Young Hotel is barely the only option if your children are picky eaters, because meals in Dominica are generally simple.

Oh, yes, the food. Replenishing your supplies in Roseau is best. But if you’re in urge, there are small markets at the villages, and larger ones close to Roseau and Portsmouth. Besides, there are many places to eat in the Roseau area.

Meat and fresh milk are hard to get. It’s possible, but not typical. However, there is a lot of boxed milk, and the local dishes consist of chicken or fish. They are served with rice and root crops, and with fresh fruits.
The locals are friendly, but remember, there always is a black sheep. That is, if you don’t trust somebody, watch out. If you don’t feel right near some place, consider it positively unsafe. If you still want to visit it, hire a guide. This way, your family will avoid many problems.

Use the repellents, or else mosquitoes will make a problem. The special soap and sprays work well, and for children, a DEET repellent is better. Good protection against insects is a guarantee of your well-being in the jungle. And don’t worry about snakes and spiders, there are no poisonous species in the island.

That’s it. Be sure, Dominica will leave unforgettable memories. This travel will be the best gift for your family and especially for the kids.

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baby owners manual

If we continue to pile the blame for rising crime in our society on parents; many are led to believe that babies come with manuals and that every parent should know how to raise the perfect child. But this is certainly not so.

Just about every parent of today is raising his/her child just how their parents raised them, merely leaving out the areas they did not appreciate their parents doing to them. Few of them have read widely on the matter; even less has taken any classes and none can teach their children what was not taught to them. Many leave the raising of their children to maids nannies, or teachers.

And if this applies to mothers, it applies even more so to fathers who are often not present and when present, they leave this role to the mothers almost entirely. When we consider that young mothers are trying so hard to raise children in an environment that has changed considerably from the one in which they were raised, it is not surprising that they are struggling. Many present day parents have grown up without a TV, a cell phone, designer sneakers, or even without electricity much less having a fridge in the house.

Without making excuses for any parents, we know the sense of guilt mothers feel when they have to be out working all day and find little time to spend with their children. When they do get home, they must also attend to cooking, washing and cleaning, what happens then? They try to overcompensate. They want their children to like them so they buy material things for them and attempt to buy their love.

Sadly, in many cases they bend over backwards to please their children, and in so doing the child finds ways of easily preying on the mother’s desire to please them – also compensating for the absence of a mother’s love.

Let us shift from the blaming each other and let’s see what we can do to create an ideal society for our children.

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Sometimes we can be so busy with our everyday jobs, and our personal goals, and changing the world, that we have very little to spend with our kids.

I can remember while attending Saint Mary’s Academy there was this very good friend of mine – who came from a wealthy family where his parents could buy him anything he wanted. But for some reason he always seemed down and sad. So, one day I asked him – why are you always looking to so sad? You know what he told me? He told me that the reason is so sad, is because the mother had gone off to the US to live. Confused, I asked him – what is his talking about? Because that same morning I saw his mother driving by? He said this is just my biological mom, but my real mom is our maid Jennifer.

I raised up in a relatively poor home, where my mom (a single parent) had to work two jobs in other for us to get by. But if one thing my mom made sure she did, is to have some quality time with each of us. She didn’t have a lot money to buy all the fancy things, but she showed us love in the little things she did, and thats what matters in life…trust me.

Well, just to clarify, I don’t kids. 🙂 But here are some ways I’ve found to connect with them on a regular basis:

Make a date. Set a weekly date with each child, so you are ensured some alone time with them. For example, I try to spend 2 hours every Saturday afternoon with my nephews.

Read with them. I’m a big fan of this. Read to them every day if possible. It’s great quality time, and one of the best things you can do to help them in life.

Play with them. Don’t be afraid to be a kid with them. Play video games, watch cartoons, play board games, have pillow fights, make a fort, play superheroes. Play at their level — don’t expect them to play at yours.

Talk to them after work. When you get home from work, instead of sitting down and watching TV, or taking a nap, or finding some other way to veg out after a long day at work … take the extra effort to sit down and talk with your kids about their day.

Just snuggle. Every now and then, just pull your child to you and hug them. Snuggle, be affectionate, and squeeze them tight. That kind of physical intimacy is important — and the day will come when they don’t want to snuggle with you anymore. Take advantage of it now.

What are your ways of connecting with your kids? Let us know in the comments.

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