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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Music festivals give you a high. Not only do they provide you with an occasion to dawn your most dramatic attires, they also provide you with a social setting where you can meet many new and interesting people. The experience is always exhilarating. If attending a summer music festival is on your to-do list, you must start with the Dominica’s 2016 World Creole Music Festival.

This music festival, which was first held in 1997, has been attracting music lovers from around the world for all the right reasons. Unlike other music festivals that serve run-of-the-mill names, the Dominica World Creole Music Festival is known for serving an eclectic mix of both traditional and contemporary.

World Creole Music Festival 2016 preformersImage via Dominca Festivals

Here are 5 reasons to come to Dominica’s 2016 World Creole Music Festival.

1. You will fall in love with the venue: The Dominica World Creole Music Festival is held in the capital city of Roseau every year. The 2016 addition of the festival will be held from 28th to 30th July at the Windsor Park Stadium. This is a big stadium that can easily accommodate thousands of people. The beautiful lighting will only add to the overall feel of the music while you are attending one of the concerts. Not just that, there is so much you can explore while in Roseau. From beaches and gardens to wildlife tours and hiking, the city has so much to offer to its visitors. You will fall in love with the venue as well as the city.

2. You will witness authentic Creole music: While most music festivals rely on genres that people are already well-versed with, the Dominica World Creole Music Festival is different in the fact that it gives its visitors a chance to witness authentic creole music. Each year, it features some of the best artists from Creole -speaking countries. Also, it will give you a chance to witness music genres like Kompa, Bouyon, Zouk and Soukos. These music genres leave a lasting impact on the listeners.

3. You will get a chance to see some great artists playing: In the past, the Dominica World Creole Music Festival has featured some very impressive names. Artists and bands like Michele Henderson, Ophelia Marie, Exile One, Taxi Creole, Magnum Band, Kassav and Zouk Machine have played at this music festival in the past. This year’s schedule also includes some mighty impressive names like Akon, Kes The Band, Midnight Groovers, Michele Henderson, Timaya, T-Micky, Wyclef and many more.

4. You will get a chance to try authentic Creole food: If you are someone who likes to explore things, you must start by exploring different cuisines. After all, there is nothing like good food. The Dominica World Music Festival will give you a chance to explore original Creole food. If you are living in any part of the world other than Dominica, it is quite unlikely that you will ever get a chance to taste original Creole dishes. Even if you manage to find a restaurant that serves Creole food, it will not taste as good as the food you will find in Dominica. Attend this music festival for the food.

5. You should go the 2016 Dominica World Creole Festival to witness this island’s beauty: Dominica is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. It is known for its beautiful beaches, impressive lakes and scenic landscapes. Its seashores will give you a chance to relax and enjoy solitude as well as good company. Come to the Dominica World Creole Music Festival as an excuse to see the beautiful island that Dominica is.

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Rabbit Festival originated as a community development project, now the Cockrane Rabbit Festival is one the most popular events, which draws in thousands of people up the mountain to its village fair every year. The purpose of the Rabbit Festival is obvious. Everything rabbit! Everything from a variety of tasty rabbit dishes, rabbit races, exhibitions, Games, and a petting zoo.

 Dominica rabbit festival 2010 poster

So don’t miss out on the 7th Annual Rabbit Festival in the village of Cockrane, Sunday, August 1st, 2010!

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independence celebrations in Dominica

The Nature Island Hosts Cultural Events in Honor of Their Independence Celebrations

With a number of festive, authentic and traditional Creole events occurring throughout October and November, Dominica is giving travelers even more reasons to visit “the Nature Island.” In addition to its numerous nature based attractions and activities, the destination has planned some unforgettable events leading up to Dominica’s 13th Annual World Creole Music Festival, the social extravaganza of the year.

This is an exciting time of year for visitors to be in Dominica,” comments Colin Piper, Director of Tourism at Discover Dominica Authority. “It is when the heart and soul of our country, and who we are as a people are reflected through the events and festivities taking place. We welcome visitors to come experience this first hand and see and feel it for themselves.”

Heritage Day – October 25, marks Heritage Day, a day where villages are recognized and awarded for their uniqueness. Each year a different village is recognized. It is an opportunity to highlight individual, community and institutional achievements. This year, Dominica is recognizing the village of Giraudel Eggleston and Dominicans will roam their streets showcasing the town’s cultural music, dance and food.

Creole In The Park – On October 26 – 29, Dominica will hold their 7th annual LIME Creole in the Park, which was established for a daytime event during Dominica’s Independence celebrations. The four day event is held at the historic Botanical Gardens and features performances from local, regional and international artists. The event blends traditional Creole music with steel pan drums, with the delectable aromas of local cuisine.

World Creole Music Festival – Highly anticipated by fans of this style of music throughout the world, the 13th Annual World Creole Music Festival will be held October 30 – November 1, 2009. A well-established Caribbean and International platform for artists of the genre, the festival is widely seen as one of the only truly indigenous music events in the Caribbean. Over the years, the festival has attracted some of the most renowned musical groups and soloists from the Creole-speaking world.

This year’s line-up includes but not limited to; acts from Swinging Stars, La Perfecta, Caribbean Vibes and solo artists; Sweet Mickey, Michele Henderson and Maxi Priest. Past artists have included such premier acts as Exile One, Kassav, Gramacks/New Generations, Tabou Combo and others as well as solo artists like Sean Paul, Ophelia, Tania St. Valle, Sakis and Franky Vincent.

Independence Day – On November 3, Dominica will celebrate its 31st year as an independent nation with an array of cultural events, parties, traditional music performances, folklore and dances. During this time, citizens and friends of Dominica unite to celebrate and reflect on the progress and development that has taken place over the years and to reaffirm their commitment to building a better future for “the Nature Island.” Many milestones have been reached over this period of 31 years and this is an opportunity to highlight, individual community and institutional accomplishments.

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