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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Le Flambeau Restaurant & Beach BarPhoto by Portsmouthbeachhotel

Le Flambeau Restaurant & Beach Bar at Portsmouth Beach Hotel is located on a golden sand beach on the north-west coast of Dominica, just half a mile from Portsmouth and is immediately adjacent to Ross University in Picard. It’s on a beach front (although not a good beach) and is a only short walk away for the Ross students, and is of substantial size.

It often holds events, such as newcomer welcomes, for students. It also has a well-stocked bar. Perhaps that’s why there’s always several diners and sometimes a crowd there. The restaurant has an attractive pre-printed menu, but does not feature specials, either in price or what the dish might be.

However, don’t expect great food. The bruschetta, for example, is simply chopped tomato and onion, with none of the expected Italian seasonings, served with ordinary, sometimes limp, toast. The food is good but not great, which one would expect at the restaurant’s expensive prices. Also, at those prices, one would expect that the restaurant would have everything on the menu available, but it does not. And if you don’t consume much alcohol or bottled soda, you’re out of luck because it’s unlikely that there will be local juice or clean water. We were offered cherry juice, the only juice available, but it was undrinkable because of the extreme amount of sugar.

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Dominican_cuisinePhoto by: euroskip

As we all know Dominica is celebrating 30 years of Independence, and Dominicans are returning home from all corners of the global to join in the celebrations. In an effort to keep every Dominican safe the Ministry of Health and Police department are stepping up their game this season to prevent any major outbreak of diseases – likewise crimes during and after the festive season.

The Ministry of Health/Environment is kindly asking the general public to be careful of what they consume from roadside vendors.

Things to look for when buying food from Roadside Vendors.

1. You must ensure that the people have a certified food handler’s permit, that their heads are covered, that hot foods are served hot and cold foods served cold.
2. You must also ensure that the ice used to freeze drinks are not used to serve drinks, and that they are properly attired and sweats don’t drip from their faces into what they are preparing

Also on board is the National Aids Prevention Unit, they are encouraging persons this season that it is not a case of people doing what they want. They’re encouraging abstinence because it is the only best choice of protecting yourself but if people need to have sex they need t do it in a responsible manner. There are both male and female condoms. You can enjoy yourself but clean fun is essential.

Ministry of Health and Environment
Address: 4th Floor, Government Headquarters, Kennedy Avenue, Roseau
Telephone: 266-3437
Fax: 448-6086
E-mail:[email protected]

National AIDS Response Programme
Address: 21 Hanover Street, Roseau
Telephone: 266-3570
Fax: 440-3253
E-mail: [email protected]

Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force
Address: Police Headquarters, Bath Road, Roseau
Telephone: 448-2222
Fax: 448-6204
E-mail: [email protected]

Let’s all come together as a nation, and enjoy Dominica’s (our home) 30 years of Independence Reunion in a safe and respectable manner.

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In the few next up-and-coming weeks thousands of Dominicans will be boarding flights from all corners of the global destiny for Dominica. Nearly every Dominican I’ve spoken too in the last few months – who is living abroad wants to be back home to celebrate Dominica’s Reunion – 30 years of independence.

If you’re one of those travelers who are concerned about eating healthy while traveling, airports can be particularly nasty hiccup in your plans. A club sandwich for instance, a common airport staple for wayward travelers, has 700 calories in single serving. Packing healthy snacks is your best hedge against fat and sugar-loaded or overpriced airport eats.

Once upon a time everyone had the liberty to stuff whatever food your heart desired into you carry-on. But today, according to the Transportation Security Administration website limits the following food and liquids items:

  • Beverages brought from home or purchased before reaching the security checkpoint in a 3 oz. or smaller container and in your quart-size, zip-top plastic bag.
  • Canned or jarred goods such as soup, sauces, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables and jellies – 3 oz. or smaller
  • Cheese in pressurized containers, Jell-O, pudding, whipping cream, yogurt or gel-like food substances – 3 oz. or smaller

If you Pay attention to the size regulations, it will keep your oversize items from ending up in the TSA’s trash bin.

On the etiquette side of things they suggest avoiding foods with an overly strong scent for the benefit of your fellow, and possibly more sensitive.

What snacks have you found to be the perfect mix of airline-friendly and healthy? Share with your fellow readers and travelers below.

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