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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

An image of Dominica's coastlinePhotos by Ken Bosma via flickr

Do you believe in paradise lost? Personally I do. People were not worthy everything God gave and them and thus they were punished and thrown away from the wonderful and magnificent Eden, the blessed land of God.

However, mankind was given the second chance. This chance is called Dominica, the land that may be the echo of paradise lost.

Dominica is the paradise found. It is one of the best possibilities to imagine what the real Eden looked like, as the island of the Caribbean definitely bears some resemblance with its prototype.

Dominica is a real treasure for those who like discoveries. It is one of the few places left undiscovered on our planet. It is the place that does not fail to astonish with its secrets and mysteries. Being not that large, Dominica has something to strike numerous travelers and tourists with: more than 360 rivers, dense rainforests and unknown mountains where man has never set foot. This one of the best islands in the Caribbean, though not as touristy as the other ones.

What distinguishes this god blesses piece of earth is that it is a very quiet and gentle place. There are no international airports there so there is no reason why a person should fail to notice the slightest movements of nature, beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountains and wonderful breathtaking waterfalls. Walking along the island you can found yourself back in time or even somewhere with no time at all. There is a reason to this feeling – the beautiful is not estimated by minutes or hours. It belongs to eternity. Dominica is the land where time moves very slowly and the Dominicans appreciate this very much.

Image of a Beautiful sunrise on the island of Dominica

Nature will never let bad people inhabit beautiful land. And the Dominicans are really worth the island they live on. They are generous, hospitable and very friendly. There is some respect in their souls and hearts. This is the respect to nature and to the land they live on for everything this land gives them. Their life is quiet and plain: they grow plenty of fruit and vegetables, go fishing and keep chickens. They are very resourceful and inventive people. They use all the possibilities their land gives them: the Dominicans brew their own beer, rum and grow unique species of coffee. The natural riches of the land allow Dominica to be of the world’s largest exporters of vegetables, fruit, coffee and sugar-cane.

There are a lot of beautiful places on Dominica worth visiting. Fort Shirley is one of them. It was recently restored. The project of the restoration was headed by a great man, a poet and a historian, a man, whose heart totally belongs to Dominica – Dr. Lennox Honeychurch. The Dominicans have a very interesting life. They organize numerous festivals. One of them is Dominica fish festival or the Titiwi festival at Layou. If you visit one of them you will have a great opportunity to taste Dominica fish and to enjoy creole cuisine – a tasty treat that is served with boiled breadfruit, hot sauces and delicious Kubuli beer. You will definitely like it!

A photo of Dominican fishing boats

Dominica is a wonderful place for everyone who comes there but especially for those who are tired of the speedy rhythm of life, who lose themselves in the asphalt jungle of megalopolises. People stop seeing the beauty of the world we live in.

Dominica differs greatly from the other islands of the Caribbean basin, such as Antigua, Barbados and St. Lucia. Dominica is not a usual holiday beach destination. There is no international airport there and it will probably never be built. There are no highways on the island. It is a perfect possibility to enjoy narrow streets and roads, spontaneous and unexpected switchbacks and numerous up and downs.

Once you see these landscapes, go through jungle or a rainforest you will never forget these feelings. But the most striking thing you are going to feel with your own skin is the ocean you have never seen. The coastline will strike your imagination and win your soul forever. This coastline will come to you in dreams and you will not be able to forget it even if you would ever want to.

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All is lost in the belief that deriving maximum materialistic satisfaction to be the whole meaning of human existence.

Let the father of the four winds fill your sail and take you across the seas. No fright or hindsight let your spirit voice find what your body needs.

Do you want to be your own king or just another pawn? The feeling inside you says its time you were gone.

So start a new chapter and find what you’ve been after. Leave behind that empty feeling that lingers with the dew. Your Shangri-La lies beneath summers sun across oceans blue, and come rekindled romance with nature in Dominica.

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Merry Christmas

This Christmas many of us are focused on celebrating and exchanging gifts but we should not forget to give thanks for the best gift of all.

The gifts of vast areas of pristine rainforest and green-topped mountains generously sprinkled with exotic rivers, streams and waterfalls.

No one in Dominica, even those who live in the heart of Roseau (Capital), is ever more than a few minutes away from up-spoilt nature.

Dominica does not have the sprawling white sand beaches of other Caribbean islands. However, in most places here the water’s edge is not overrun by commercial activities, giving us the very special gift of a fresh, peaceful and private seaside ambiance.

Other countries have similar natural attractions, but they’re usually in far-off regions. Our gift is that our nature sites are concentrated in a relatively small area, making them unusually accessible to residents and visitors. Almost without exception, our natural wonders are never more than a few hours away.

Let’s keep these gifts in mind when we go to church at Christmas to give our Creator His due. We must remember these gifts as we join with our families, friends and neighbours to eat our Christmas treats, and enjoy the holidays.


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