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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

photo of comfortel del champ in Portsmouth, Dominica

Editor’s Note:This is a Press Release From Comfortel De Champ – Portsmouth now has its Business Hotel.

A new quality hotel in Picard, Portsmouth has started operations recently. Comfortel De Champ offers accommodation to the tourist looking for quality rooms and especially to the business visitor looking for full facilities.

All 5 double rooms offer air-conditioning, ceiling fan, mini-bar, lcd-tv and personal safe. There is free wireless internet in all rooms and public areas and the business visitor can use high speed cabled internet, wireless printing and faxing and meeting facilities. The owners are experienced business travelers themselves and will help their guests with service and advise to make a business stay successful.

New hotel

Comfortel De Champ is new hotel in Picard, Portsmouth. It is small, just 5 double rooms, but offers a real 3-Star quality to the visitors of the North of Dominica. Located on the hill opposite of Ross University the hotel overlooks all of Prince Rupert Bay and Cabrits National Park.
An existing building has been renovated and extended into a comfortable accommodation. Brand new rooms with air-conditioning, ceiling fan, lcd-tv, mini-bar and personal safe give the guests a good level of comfort. The modern, spacious bathrooms have full glass face basins and top of the line massage showers. Every room has its own private balcony with a stunning sea-view.

Business visitors

Comfortel De Champ is located a five car minutes from the center of Portsmouth, just opposite of Ross University and at the crossroads to Cappuchin, Calibishi, Salisbury and Mero. Any one that has business to conduct in the North of Dominica will appreciate this location.

The hotel offers free wireless internet, cabled high speed internet at request and the possibility to print in color and b/w (wireless) plus an option to send and receive faxes. Meetings with prospects and customers can take place in the hotel. All rooms come with a local cell phone at no extra cost offering free calls to the hotel and between rooms. Incoming international calls to the rooms own number and prepaid calls at standard rates.

The owners, Hans Schilders and Lise van de Kamp, have extensive international business experience and can assist the visitors in many areas to get the best out of their business stay in Comfortel De Champ.

During the short time that Comfortel De Champ is open it has received business visitors from Japan, Germany, Holland and Dominica.


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It’s no surprise that Beau Rive is ranked the #1 hotel by TripAdvisor Travelers. Mark Steele, the proprietor of Beau Rive have transform this old Plantation home into one of the most intimate and relaxing hotel experience in Dominica.

Based on 60 reviews worldwide the traveler overall rating for Beau rive is 5.0, the highest TripAdvisor rating.

Escape for real? We hope you will – not only from your own environment but from the increasingly standardized and familiar face of tourism. As many hotels become indistinguishable from one another our aim is to be distinctly different. The philosophy is a rather simple and old-fashioned one: you will be treated as our guest and we shall do everything we can to make you comfortable.

Here are some of the candid photos posted up on TripAdvisor website by the Travelers. After watching these photos, it was clear that visiting Beau Rive is a must on my to do list. Enjoy the photos.






Photo Source: TripAdvisor

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On the day the NBA playoff begins, I decided to go checkout the Evergreen Hotel, I’m not sure whats going on with me. Maybe I am starting to like these little spontaneous outings. A month ago we visited the Anchorage Hotel, which ironically is just a building apart from the Evergreen Hotel. Must say the Evergreen is the best outing yet, I don’t know what about the hotel that always keeps me coming again and again. Maybe it’s because of its laid back bed-a-breakfast atmosphere.



For those who have been fortunate enough to have stayed at the Evergreen Hotel, knows that the Evergreen is a small classic, elegance, and charm hotel, which overlooks the Caribbean Sea and is one mile south from Roseau the capital of Dominica.




If you’re looking for a hotel with a giant lobby or duty-free stores well the Evergreen is not for you. Don’t the get me wrong the hotel has all the basic amenities every traveler will need (e.g. Internet, very well stock bar, swimming pool and excellent snack menu 🙂 ). You know there is this saying that picture is like a thousand words. Enjoy the pictures.



What’s the use of going out if you can’t a little wet 😀 …don’t you agree?


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