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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Forbes list of richest people showed that even the rich are affected by the current financial state. 793 people made the list compared to last years 1,125 billionaires. 355 people fell off the list due to their fortunes loss,and 18 people died.

The last time the list had more people drop off than be added was in 2003. The average net worth of the billionaires also fell 23% down to $3 billion. Bill Gates beat Warren Buffet this year to take back the number 1 spot, after losing $18 billion.

The person who lost the most was Anil Ambani who lost 76% of his net worth which was in Reliance Communications, Reliance Power, and Reliance Capital. 29 other Indian’s lost their status due to India’s stock market.

Can someone clarify this to me? Explain to me like I was a 4-year-old, because I just can’t figure it out.

If the world’s richest people are losing their money, where is it all going? I’d figure that would lead to a more even spread of money between poorer people around the world, but that’s not the case. So again, what happens to all that money? I’m listening!

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Editor’s note:This is a guest post from Danielle Edwards – a Literature and History student and an aspiring Journalist.

To many of us, migration really isn’t quite as appealing as some persons would have it seem. Apart from today’s declining prospects of economic benefits, disincentives to leave the Caribbean region for the more developed world are more than glaring.

Certainly, life as we know it- full of colour, rhythm and flavour- would lack its brilliant variety of fresh fruits, and the fresh air and fresh water that we so often take for granted. Many of us would long for the vibes of the steel pan, Soca and Reggae music that we love so much, as well as the daily breathtaking sunsets of soft pinks and lavender. The beauty of our exotic fuchsia bougainvillea sprays and hibiscus blossoms would perhaps become only a memoir. And there would be other more significant changes too…

There aren’t too many societies out there that are as receptive to cultural, racial and religious diversity as West Indians. Unlike many parts of the world where homogeny is the boring norm, our trademark is diversity- and personally I’m proud of it.

And for a people of African, European, East Indian, Lebanese, Kalinago and Chinese heritage, we really don’t have any grounds to discriminate against any race, colour or creed.

At the end of the day, migration is an essential part of the cycle of life. It’s all over the Bible, and it’s the reason why different human races have evolved all over the world. I really don’t understand why so many people are so afraid of it. None of us had the power to choose where we wanted to be born!

For my part, I see the world as everybody’s own, and I think if more people were to think that way, there would be a lot less global conflict. Certainly, the Israelites and Palestinians would no longer have difficulties living next to each other- because the borders would no longer exist in their mind.

It really baffles me as to why- even in this age of globalization- highly educated Americans are actually calling Mexican migrants ‘Illegal Aliens’. 10 years ago, I could never have fathomed the existence of aliens on Earth! If Mexicans are transformed into Aliens just by migrating to the U.S.A., what does that make the rest of us?

I believe strongly in respecting all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who isn’t driven by violent, supremacist or Satanic beliefs is just another regular human being. That’s why I’m very much against any pejorative statements against persons from different backgrounds.

If you feel you must use a derogatory statement to describe someone of a different race or culture, its better to keep it to yourself. If you don’t you will be recycling the ugly and bitter trash that fueled the system of slavery (It wasn’t just slave labour, as some would have us believe). That’s why I’m invariably very disturbed when I hear Dominicans declaring ‘what a Haitian looks like’, or even boldly daring to say ‘that Haitian not looking like a Haitian’.

I think we should all know better in this the 21st century. What does a Haitian look like? What does an American look like? What does a Dominican look like?

If you can REALLY answer any of these questions I’m most eager to be enlightened.

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cartoon depicting the drama which goes on in Dominica house of assembly

Editor’s note:This is a guest post from Danielle Edwards – a Literature and History student and an aspiring Journalist.

In another one of her dramatic attempts to instill order in the House of Assembly, our Speaker of the House mistook the evil umbrella of an unsuspecting journalist for a microphone. She subsequently had him escorted out of the House by a law enforcement officer-turned-modern day Joan of Arc. What a menacing umbrella that must have been, for the Speaker is notorious for her fearlessness! I dare say it must be taken to court for obstructing parliament.

I am even more struck by its bewitching paranormal qualities, at how magnificently it was able to disguise itself as a microphone on a RAINY DAY! I think that the most rational explanation to this is that this journalist is a warlock who was unable to conceal his mystical powers! Wouldn’t you agree that the House of Parliament needs a fine dose of Holy Water?

More importantly, I am deeply concerned about the probable repercussions that this glaringly petty incident and other similar ones which preceded it may have on the future of Women and Power in Dominica, and even the rest of the Caribbean.

It’s no secret that too many of our highly educated female leaders have sullied the track record of ‘the weaker sex’ in political, social and international affairs. I personally feel that it was ultimately inevitable that the 2008 Democratic nominee in U.S.A. would have been a Black man instead of a White woman. Why should anyone be surprised that a in a society where, just 53 years ago a black woman who refused to shift to the back of the bus to give a white passenger her seat was arrested- a Black man may soon be elected to the White House. It appears that most Americans feel Mrs. Hillary Clinton does not fit the profile of Commander-in-Chief to the World’s strongest army. Do I smell male chauvinism?

If so, it is not unwarranted. Even an intelligent Oxford graduate like Indira Gandhi is guilty of stifling democracy in India in her selfish lust for power. She has been hated by many for destroying the Indian economy while exercising blatant corruption and nepotism, while conveniently censoring the press. Great Britain has also had its fair share of womanly leadership- the dealings of the administration of Baroness Thatcher with the late Saddam Hussein are well known.

My point is that women in positions of authority ought to practice twice the amount of discretion as men in similar positions. This must be a subconscious duty, not merely to eliminate the stigma against female leaders, but to also build a fortress of patronage for their heiresses. If they continue not to, more of our male counterparts will continue to feel ‘woman doesn’t know her place’ and ‘woman too damn up’. And less of our Women will be able to progress and break gender barriers. I certainly feel that if the Speaker of the House had been a Man- whether red, blue or green, this ridiculous incident, and many others before it, would not have occurred.

Every Dominican is aware that our women have a reputation for being cantankerous lovers of ‘roe-roe’ and drama. If you are not, be sure to look at the next local Carnival Queen Show- or any other local pageant for that matter. Is the Speaker of the House not simply reinforcing this stupid stereotype with her preposterous and absurd behaviour?

I think she needs to ‘step up her game’.

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