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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

dive dominicaPhoto by Kim Randall

Liquid Assets TV and the famous host of their Into The Drink series, Nick lucey recently spent an entire week doing an on-location shoot about Dominica for the first episode of Into the Drink Season 2, where Dominica will be seen in approximate 60 million homes in the United States.

Liquid Assets TV Executive Producer, Randy Harris two days ago (April 13) published a post entitle ‘Back In Time‘ on the blog.

Here is what Randy and the crew of In The Drink had to say about their experience on the nature island of Dominica.

I have never felt about a destination the way I feel about Dominica, even when I look back. The mood on land is very different, but once you figure out the motion of the island it is like returning to Kansas from Oz, there is no place like home. That is what I am sure all Dominicans feel if they ever leave the island and that is the at home feeling I found while there.

The most mountainous island in the Caribbean and the youngest island in the Caribbean, well that last bit is up for debate but I vote “Dominica.” It has diving that should only be found on a two-day plane ride away from any populated area of the world but it is right in our back yard. This island has a freaking ski lift that takes you into the rain forest, a boiling lake that is only rivaled by one in New Zealand, turtles everywhere, frogfish, NO lionfish, sea horses, schools of mackerel, mountain biking, killer rum and a list of things that could run this blog on forever. I will stop there and just let you know that it has something breathtaking for everyone and their pretend friends.

The crew of Into The Drink has experienced something brilliant, something young and something that we will always remember as its namesake, “The Nature Island.” It will be remembered as such because that is exactly what it is. Unlike most of the islands in the Caribbean it is still unspoiled, untouched by chain restaurants, pure, nature.

I suggest you go there if you want to see what the Caribbean of old felt and looked like and take a dive trip back in time.

Dominica will definitely be one those closed-set destinations shoots the crew of Into The Drink will never forget. As to when the first episode of Into the Drink Season 2 featuring Dominica will be aired in the U.S, that is still unknown. I can’t wait see what the guys came up with…don’t you?

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