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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Image of miracle lake on the commonwealth of DominicaPhoto by Tropical Ties Dominica

The Miracle Lake (Lake Matthieu) is a real beauty spot of Dominica. But its divine beauty is not its only attractive feature. The other one is the lake’s age. How long do you think it exists? For epochs? For centuries? Missed.

In fact, it could not even be adult, if it were a human. That lake is a teenager lake, because it’s barely 13 years old.

Back in 1996, there was no any lake; the place was not desolated, though. There used to be a tableland with plantations, but in 1997 a landslide dammed the Layou River, and the tableland was flooded.

Three dams were formed, two of them burst in a week. The third one still remains, and this is the one which has shaped the Miracle Lake.

So far, nobody knows how stable the lake is, they are still investigating the lake’s safety. I don’t suppose you want to be there when another rock comes off. It is a very beautiful emerald lake, but nobody should come down. However, if you’d love to feast your eyes upon the lake, you should know that it is absolutely safe to be looking at it, while standing far up.

This safety issue should not bother you too much, because the land owner is perfectly aware of what is safe and what is not, and he can give you a tour. His name is Christborn Shillingford, and he’s a really good guide. And a good guy too, maybe that’s why he’s also known as Rambo. By the way, it is him who’s given the name to the lake. Officially, the place is called Mathieu Dam.

The Miracle Lake is larger than the Freshwater Lake and the Boeri Lake. Its maximum depth reaches 140 feet. New, wild, clean, and virgin, it will become a high spot of your journey. It is really worth of looking at. Just don’t forget to contact the owner before you come.

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