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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

“We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, because while others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind”

Words made popular by the legendary Bob Marley in his hit song “Redemption Song“, but it was Marcus Mosiah Garvey, who created these famous words in 1937.

Garvey stressed the philosophy of “African Fundamentalism” in which he called for a new “Negro Spirit“, for the building of a common experience of black people as the foundation of a strong and healthy nation.

If we as a people are to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, we must first establish a new sense of self and engage in a critical transformation of the mind.

Emancipation Day should be an opportunity to evaluate, how far we have come since our forefathers were freed from of slavery 168 years ago. But most importantly, this is the time for us to consider how far we have to go as a people – from slavery to complete freedom.

Now is the time for us “emancipate ourselves from mental slavery” and realize that “none but ourselves can free our minds“.

Happy African Liberation Day 2009

Here is a short clip from the African Liberation March through the streets of Roseau, Dominica.

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