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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Game of football

Recently I asked by a married couple, who were looking for ways they can incorporate fun exercise into their daily life schedule. Here’s their question:

What advice would you give us when we know we should exercise, but we just don’t feel up for it?

My answer to them is what I’d tell anyone, whether you a child or adult:

Don’t look at it as exercise – instead play games and sports and have a ton of fun doing it! The main thing is just to get outside every day and do something you think is fun. You can play sports like soccer, basketball, cricket, or volleyball. You can go on family/group hikes or make a special effort to go swimming every weekend.

Do lots of different things, and again, focus on having fun, and doing it often. If you go out, have fun, enjoy the activity, it won’t feel like “exercise” … but you’ll be getting fit and healthy in the meantime.

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