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And is it true a vegetarian lifestyle greatly reduces the risk of contracting some chronic, degenerative disease?

A considerable amount of scientific information suggests the existence of a positive relationship between vegetarian lifestyles and the changes of contracting any of the different chronic degenerative disease, such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and others.

Medical researchers have attributed this advantage of longevity and healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle which encourages abstinence from tobacco, and alcoholic drinks on a whole.

So What Makes up a Vegan Diet?

A Vegetarian Diet contains less fat, and is composed of a large variety of vegetables, fruits. Whole grains, legumes, nuts (walnuts or pecans, almonds, etc) and nonfat or low-fat milk products.

If you want to try a vegetarian diet, you must pay attention to protein sources. Meats, eggs, and dairy foods provide the bulk of most people’s daily protein needs. Cutting some or all of those out will lower your protein intake, unless you make the effort to include higher protein plant foods.

Simply going vegetarian does not guarantee a healthy diet. It is easy to eat a high fat/low fiber vegetarian diet. What I’m trying to say is: whether or not you eat meat, you still have to pay attention to fat intake. Simply eliminating meat from your diet does not automatically mean you are eating less fat.

This reverts me back to my original Question:Is a Vegetarian Diet Better? I’m curious to hear you take on this subject? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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