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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Released just in time for Dominica’s 31st Anniversary of Independence and 13th Annual Creole Music Festival; Doo Doo Mwen is a Creole song with a hint of Latin flavor. Composed by Dominican Artist, Barbara Bully-Thomas and performed /interpreted by Maxine Alleyne-Esprit.

Produced by Cornell Phillip; Lead guitar by Julie Martin; Bass guitar by Freddie Nicolas. Keyboard and other instrumentation by Cornell “Fingers” Phillip, a founding member of the WCK band, originators of Bouyon music. The cover was designed by Dominican Artist Earl Ettienne.

Doo Doo Mwen is sure to become a hit during this independence season, considering the amount of positive feedback coming from Dominicans at home and abroad.

Please listen to the song, and lets know us what you think…Enjoy!

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independence celebrations in Dominica

The Nature Island Hosts Cultural Events in Honor of Their Independence Celebrations

With a number of festive, authentic and traditional Creole events occurring throughout October and November, Dominica is giving travelers even more reasons to visit “the Nature Island.” In addition to its numerous nature based attractions and activities, the destination has planned some unforgettable events leading up to Dominica’s 13th Annual World Creole Music Festival, the social extravaganza of the year.

This is an exciting time of year for visitors to be in Dominica,” comments Colin Piper, Director of Tourism at Discover Dominica Authority. “It is when the heart and soul of our country, and who we are as a people are reflected through the events and festivities taking place. We welcome visitors to come experience this first hand and see and feel it for themselves.”

Heritage Day – October 25, marks Heritage Day, a day where villages are recognized and awarded for their uniqueness. Each year a different village is recognized. It is an opportunity to highlight individual, community and institutional achievements. This year, Dominica is recognizing the village of Giraudel Eggleston and Dominicans will roam their streets showcasing the town’s cultural music, dance and food.

Creole In The Park – On October 26 – 29, Dominica will hold their 7th annual LIME Creole in the Park, which was established for a daytime event during Dominica’s Independence celebrations. The four day event is held at the historic Botanical Gardens and features performances from local, regional and international artists. The event blends traditional Creole music with steel pan drums, with the delectable aromas of local cuisine.

World Creole Music Festival – Highly anticipated by fans of this style of music throughout the world, the 13th Annual World Creole Music Festival will be held October 30 – November 1, 2009. A well-established Caribbean and International platform for artists of the genre, the festival is widely seen as one of the only truly indigenous music events in the Caribbean. Over the years, the festival has attracted some of the most renowned musical groups and soloists from the Creole-speaking world.

This year’s line-up includes but not limited to; acts from Swinging Stars, La Perfecta, Caribbean Vibes and solo artists; Sweet Mickey, Michele Henderson and Maxi Priest. Past artists have included such premier acts as Exile One, Kassav, Gramacks/New Generations, Tabou Combo and others as well as solo artists like Sean Paul, Ophelia, Tania St. Valle, Sakis and Franky Vincent.

Independence Day – On November 3, Dominica will celebrate its 31st year as an independent nation with an array of cultural events, parties, traditional music performances, folklore and dances. During this time, citizens and friends of Dominica unite to celebrate and reflect on the progress and development that has taken place over the years and to reaffirm their commitment to building a better future for “the Nature Island.” Many milestones have been reached over this period of 31 years and this is an opportunity to highlight, individual community and institutional accomplishments.

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Roots Reggae Superstar Nasio Fontaine

“The music is important; I want my music to be my contribution to the people of the world.” – Nasio Fontaine

It’s such a thrill to share with you this interview with one of Dominica’s International heroes, Roots Reggae superstar Nasio Fontaine.

Born to a Carib Indian mother and father of African descent, in the village of Carte-Bois (Bagatelle), located on the Southeastern coast of Dominica, Nasio grew up in a one room wooden country house without running water or electricity.

To this day, Nasio has remained true his up bringing, and continues to live a simple life – as a farmer, husband, musician, teacher, and as a Rasta.

With albums like Reggae Power (1994) was followed by Wolf Catcher (1997), Revolution (1999), Living in the Positive (2004), and Universal Cry (2006); reggae music lovers from all over the world have grown to love Nasio’s name, his voice and his conscious reggae lyrics – that speaks of revolution, of waking up the sleeping consciousness of oppressed and freedom for loving people across the Earth.

In this interview, Nasio talks about:

  • What started him on the road to Reggae Music
  • Rastafarism, Dreadlocks and Reggae Music
  • The Rights of Musicians, and advice to up-and-coming singers
  • His love for Dominica and advice for travelers visiting Dominica
  • What he has coming up in near future, including his next musical video

We at Dominica Weekly were fortunate enough to have spend an entire day with Nasio and his wife Helen Fontaine.

In our interview we tried to keep the questions to a minimum, avoid repeating too much of what is already available on the internet, and got a little more personal to give you the readers a more in depth insight into the life of Nasio Fontaine – who lives his life according to the teaches of Jah (God), and uses his music to speak to all Jah children.

Plz note: Due to the length of the interview – it was broken up into 5 parts to avoid load problems with persons without slower internet connection. We hope you enjoy this interview!

Part 1:Nasio talks about his life as a Reggae Artist and the path which lead to reggae music.

Part 2: He comments on the topic of Rasta, Dreadlocks and Reggae Music.


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