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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

rasta Photo by Saquan Stimpson

DREADING DREADLOCKSBBC Caribbean is reporting that in the Bahamas, two customs employees are facing the threat of dismissal because of their hairstyle.

Their dreadlocks have been deemed “unacceptable” by Customs authorities, who insist that the rules and regulations as they apply back that position.

The two women have been cautioned. The letter they received on the matter made it clear that the authorities felt that wearing their braids and dreadlocks on the job is “unquestionably unacceptable”.

The official line is that their jobs fall within the category of national security, and that there are various codes, including dress, that they are required to adhere to.

The two officers are seeking legal advice on the matter. But their plight is one many rastafarians around the Caribbean can identify with.


  • Are dreadlocks an acceptable hairstyle in today’s Caribbean?
  • Should they be?
  • Does the style represent a sense of identity?
  • Have the customs authorities in Nassau over-reacted on the matter?
  • Should the women simply stick to the rules and resort to “more acceptable” hairstyles, or should they pursue the matter?

============My Personal Note============
I think once the women conduct themselves professionally, are able to do their jobs efficiently and keep their hair and appearance neat I see no problem in them have dreadlocks as customs officers.


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