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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Dominica’s nature deserves reverent treatment because of its uniqueness and beauty. Especially, if it’s all about the mountainous terrain and its wildlife. The People in charge understood it very long ago.

Back in 1977, the Northern Forest Reserve was established, and it had an area of 8,900ha at that time. Later 3,335ha were devolved to the Morne Diablotin National Park which would include much of the mountain.

This was made as a means of protection of the natural habitat of two parrots. And to create conditions for better and non-disturbing birdwatching. Thus, as of now, the Northern Forest Reserve surrounds Morne Diablotin.

photo of the Northern Forest Reserve in DominicaPhotos by digitography

What is the coolest thing you can see there? It may be the sisserou, the national bird. That is, if you get lucky. Yes, it’s the Morne Diablotin Park which is meant to be the place for endangered parrots, but don’t you think birds respect drawn borders?

elfin woodland in Dominica

Encountering a rare bird requires some luck. What you need to find awesome flora, it’s just your desire and interest. It is the Forest Reserve, after all. Be sure, it’s worth visiting. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing trees not just growing out of the ground, but also born by buttress roots like masts are supported by shrouds, this is your chance.

The rainforest is a nice place. The high-altitude wind wraps the mountain in clouds and the fog. It may be too humid, but the air will not be too thick. Eventually, it’s an area full of life. The rainforest and the elfin woodland meet at the higher elevations.

In the forest, such trees as the karapit, the chatanier and the gommier tangle huge piles, making home for the parrots. As for the elfin woodland, the kaklen and the mountain palm muffle it up.

When you come to the Reserve, it may look to you fantastic. The flora may seem alien, making the whole area look like an extraterrestrial landscape, so don’t get confused. And yet it’s natively terrestrial. Still looks cool, I believe.

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Image for Emerald Pooll

The Emerald pool is with out doubt one of the most popular attractions, and is perhaps one of Dominica’s most photographed natural site.

Emerald pool as its name suggest is also known as ‘Crystal Pool. This small waterfall and natural pool is located on the northern edge of the Morne Trois National Park, is filled with glistening clear spring water.

Buses pass the Emerald Pool on their way to the villages of Castle Bruce and Carib Territory, and can be caught be the west outbound bridge in Roseau. Bus fare:EC$6.50 adults and children EC$3.25.

If traveling by car, once at the Pont Casse roundabout take the road to Castle Bruce and Carib Territory. Lookout for the road sign on the left-hand side of the road at the junction.

 image for the-emerald-pool-dominica

Take a short stroll through the rainforest along a easy track, which takes you through magnificent overhanging trees and lush vegetation. Midway of the hike there’s a spectacular overhead view of the pool to the right.

Emerald Pool Plants

Some steps up and then eventually down, lead to the waterfalls. Be careful, the rocks around the pool can be very slippery – use your hands to maintain your balance and follow the signs.

Emerald Pool

On warm and sunny days the crystal water turn greenish blue and turns pale green in the evening. Bring along your swimming suit and a towel because you’re going to be utterly seduced by the intensity of the pool’s turquoise colored water, and taking a cool refreshing swim is a definitely a must. Beware that the water is quite chilly, but once you are in, it is quite a good experience. 😀

See our video of the Emerald Pool:

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Group photo of hikers in Dominica

Hikefest this year ended with a hike the from beautiful village of Capuchin all the way to Cabrits National Park, showcasing segment 14 of the Waitukubuli National Trail.

Unlike the first two to hikes (Salybia to Pagau Bay and Soufriere to Scotts Head), this is a coastal trail which begins and ends within a historical setting from the Canna Heritage Park to the Cabrits Fort Shirley.

Some of the other interesting area along this trail includes the Connor Heritage Park, view of Les Saints & Guadeloupe, Old Church, Rhino horn, villages of Clifton, Toucari & Cottage Cliffs, and Belle Hall Beach.

It is a moderate hike (10.8 km.), although there are some areas along the coastal part of the trail that can be a bit tricky, and will you need to literally climb or drag yourself across if you don’t want to get wet. Look out for falling rock, and wear comfort shoes because 80% of the trail requires you to walk through stones.

All in all it was a Beautiful hike, with wonderful people on nice and sunny day. Just couldn’t be better. If you have a chance to hike Capuchin to Cabrits don’t hesitate to do it, you won’t be disappointed. As always, here are some photos from the hike…enjoy!

photo of hikers in Dominica

image of hikers in the Nature island of Dominica

collage of Dominica coastal views

photo of islet off the coast of Dominica

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