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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Students all around the island is heading back to school this week, as a new school years begins in an environment where crimes among youths are on a steady climb, and an economy that’s surviving on a shoe string.

For parents and guardians throughout the region, it must be stressful time for those who’re truly concerned about the future of youth.

Nowadays, youths face pressures, not only in the classrooms but also on the streets. There is hardly week that goes by that we don’t hear a report of some type of violent crime. Sadly, more often than none these are crimes perpetuated on our youth and by our youth and in other instances, adults leading them astray.

People who usually speak out against this type of behaviour from our youth are often classified as elitist, old fashioned, or not with the times. But if we turn a blind to these situations, as it often is, then our youth are heading down a path for disaster, which will be a serious disadvantage to our country’s future.

Nurturing our children along the path of life is never easy and hiding them from the ills that may pop up along the way, is not going to make it any easier. What can help is a more responsible attitude from parents and those adults trusted with their care in school, at home and otherwise.

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