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Dominica weekly is a personal weblog about the nature island of Dominica.

dive fest 2008 photos

Experience the Caribbean’s longest running diving festival at Dominica’s Dive Fest, which takes place from 10th – 19th July 2009. Dive Fest is organised by the Dominica Watersports Association (DWA) and aims to raise awareness about the diving opportunities and unique marine life in Dominica, as well as bringing scuba diving to a wider audience.

The festival is open to both experienced and beginner divers, with a number of taster sessions available throughout the week for adults and children who have never dived or snorkelled before. Some of these sessions are free of charge and suitable for children as young as eight.

Intermediate and expert scuba divers will also find plenty on offer at Dive Fest. The schedule for experienced divers includes underwater treasure hunts and photography competitions. Festival sponsors Sealife Cameras will run photo competitions throughout Dive Fest, giving divers the opportunity to try out their latest technology. The best photo from each shoot will be entered into a grand prize draw with the winner announced at the photo exhibition at the end of the week.

Alongside the scuba diving there will be a number of other activities, including a whale watching excursion, a children’s treasure hunt, a photo competition, the annual and hotly contested Kubuli Carib canoe race, and the climax to Dive Fest, the Soufriere Kubuli beach party on July 19th.

Dominica’s west coast boasts thriving healthy reefs covered in colourful sponges. Seahorses, frogfish, flying gurnards and scorpion fish are commonly spotted in these waters but are rarely seen around other Caribbean islands.

To view the full schedule of events during Dive Fest, see, or for more information about Dominica visit

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view of soufriere village in Dominica

Unlike the first hike of Hikefest 2009 – the Chemin Letang trail, where it rained for 3 hours straight, the Morne Vert Loop from Soufriere and ended at Soufriere Sulphur Springs was definitely one of the better hikes I’ve been on for quiet awhile.

The weather conditions on the day was ideal for hiking; not too hot but still clear enough to catch some spectacular views.

Morne Vert is located near the south coast of the island and the Soufriere Sulphur Springs.The area has an abundance of geological, as well as cultural history. A perfect example is the Bois Cotellete plantation is one of the oldest estates on the island, which dates back to 1700’s.The ruins are still there. Also apart of trail is the Palmiste Estate – an ancient track which was used by Kalinago Indians.

From the summit of Morne vert the trail continues down into the village of Tete Morne where there are breathtaking views down to Soufriere village. From the opposite side, you can see much of the south coast of Dominica- for example Grand Bay, etc

Hikers Note: Morne Vert Loop trail has been designated an intermediate level of difficulty hike.The terrain varies at time and can be quite steep in certain areas. Climate can be very hot and dry in this location and the smell of sulphur can be strong at times in some areas on trail.

Will I trek Morne Vert Loop Again?

To be honest, I will do this hike again any day of the week – that’s how much I’ve fallen in love with the trail and the southern part of the island.

So whether you’re an avid hiker or someone who is just starting out, the Morne Vert Loop trial has something interesting for every outdoor lover.

Here are images and short video from the trial, enjoy!

historic mill in Dominica

hikers on the morne vert loop trail

Dominica hikers

bois cotellete plantation


 view of grandbay village

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View from the start of Chemin Letang Trail - Hike Fest 2009

View from the start of Chemin Letang Trail - Hike Fest 2009

Hike fest 2009 begun on Saturday may 2nd with a breathtaking hike through the historic Chemin Letang Trail, passing through the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, via the freshwater Lake and finished up at the International EcoFest at Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge.

Chemin Letang trail or lake road goes back to the days when Caribs use to track across the island. The trail was cut and improved during the colonial time, as it was the main route across Dominica by land, although many people and much produce went by sea instead.

The trail is mainly downhill, if you starting from the Freshwater Lake, and will take most hikers about 2 1/2 – 3 hours to complete. On a bright and sunny day you experience breathtaking views of the Atlantic surf in the distance, and exotic mountain views but besides that trail is mainly in the forest. On a rainy day, you experience very misty conditions, the rocks are extra slipper and a lot of mud.

I have too warn you, the trail runs at near cloud level cross the interior of the island – so there is a very strong chance of rainfall during the hike, I suggest that you extra precautions especially if you’re carrying with your “Nikon” digital cameras and cellphones – chances are water will get into them. Don’t do like me, unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. But all-in-all Chemin Letang trail is a great way to see first hand how the Carib Indians traveled across Dominica.

Whether or not I will hike the Chemin Letang Trail again – most definitely! But I just pray that it’s not raining next time. 😎

Here are some scenes from trail – starting from the Fresh Water Lake in Laudat:

View of the Fresh Water Lake - Hike Fest 2009

A view of the Fresh Water Lake - Hike Fest 2009

Mist over the Fresh Water Lake

Mist over the Fresh Water Lake - So exotic!

River running across the trail

River running across the trail

One of the many waterfalls on the chemin letang trail

One of the many waterfalls we encounted along the trail

The video above gives an idea how it’s like walking Chemin Letang Trail.

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