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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

This is a tough situation to escape because it’s self-perpetuating, as anyone stuck in negative thinking knows all too well. Negative experiences feed your negative expectations, which then attract new negative experiences. Most people who enter this pattern never escape it in their entire lives. And that goes for everyone – whether you’ve a PhD or GED. Yes …it’s just that difficult to escape. If you beat yourself up for being too negative, you’re simply reinforcing the pattern, not breaking out of it.

I think our people here in the nature isle are stuck in this trap, and will remain stuck until they experience an elevation in their consciousness – which will help them from making negative judgments against each other. They have to recognize that they’re trapped and that continuing to fight their own negativity while still recognizing that it’s a battle that can never be won.

Think about it. If beating yourself up for being too whiny was going to work, wouldn’t it have worked a long time ago? Are you any closer to a solution for all the effort you’ve invested in this plan of attack? Instead of resisting the negativity head-on, acknowledge and accept its presence. The solution I like best is to stop fighting and surrender – which will actually raise your consciousness.

Overcoming negativity

You can actually learn to embrace the negative thoughts running through your head and allowing them to just be. If you’re caught up in negativity, your job is to develop your consciousness to the point where you can learn to stay focused on what you want, to create positively instead of destructively. It may take you more than a lifetime to accomplish that, and that’s OK. Your life is always reflecting back to you the contents of your consciousness.

If you don’t like what you’re experiencing, that’s because your skill at conscious creation remains underdeveloped. That’s not a problem though because you’re here to develop it. You’re experiencing exactly what you’re supposed to be experiencing so you can learn. Negativity doesn’t have to be a permanent condition; we still have the freedom to choose otherwise.

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