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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Dominica labour supportor

A Labour supporter

Politics is politics; though matter how you look at it. Political parties on a whole rarely seem to share anything in common, but the similarities are revealed if you know where to look.

It’s 2008 – by 2010 the present Labour Government would have already announced the date for the next general elections. And once again, the fate of Dominica hangs in the balance – as it did five years ago and five years before that.

And here again, the same questions are popping up in everyone mind: can we afford another five years of disparity? Can we afford to let it all come crashing down around us, with THAT party in office, now that the world economies are going through their worst financial crisis?

While they may be the same questions…maybe they’re not the right questions. Maybe we should be asking: why do they believe the way they do? How are we going to work together, if we can’t change each others’ minds? What makes us think so differently, anyway?

And why are these questions the same all over the world?

Contrary to popular belief, politics also happen outside of Dominica, and for the same reason: there’s a fundamental difference in how Dominicans living in the diaspora and how Dominicans living at home see the island. One thing is clear: we can no longer afford to ignore or condescend to people we don’t understand or agree with.

In the end, we ARE from the same island – and it’s facing some very pressing issues. We must shed our “differences” and work together if we’re going to solve them. And we must do this NOW.

Let’s change our perspective of each other, not just our location, because how we approach today’s questions is a question only we can answer.

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