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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Today you can travel around the world faster than it takes to visit the public library or the small bookshop around the corner. Ah – technology and the internet.

What a time-saver! But it has its drawback too. Like the many distractions that waste all the time we should be saying with modern technology; for example television, video grams, music, and of course we can’t forget the internet. I’m guessing – the average Dominican reads two chapters of a book per year. That’s right. Not even one whole book!

As a young lady growing up, my mom (Jennifer Daisy) had to walk for miles, just to borrow a good book, and she would stay up all night reading. To-this-day, I’m still amazed at the amount of information she retained just by reading. Growing up in a poor family, reading was one of the only ways I could travel the world in my own imaginative mind. It wasn’t until her late forties; when my mom received her Associates Degree in Tourism and Hospitality.

Education is more than a college degree. It is a life-long pursuit! As an adult, don’t be fooled into thinking everything worth reading should be read before graduation. And as a parent, don’t mortgage the future of your children by allowing them to waste their most critical years of development on trivialities. Create a reader-friendly environment in the home, and don’t just read – study.

In a way, it’s hard not to be a little envious of my mom, and the broad knowledge she have gain from reading. On the other hand, we’re a position where we can experience the best of both worlds. We can use technology to do greater things in shorter periods of time—and then dedicate free time to do more reading.

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