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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Winter Sun, an online travel column in the UK Telegraph Newspaper has chosen 10 destinations that answers the needs of 10 types of vacationers who have but one thing in common. They like it hot ❗ Dominica was chosen second by Winter Sun destinations for its dramatic natural landscapes and lush greenery. Here is why Dominica was chosen as the 2nd Winter Sun destination.

To experience the Caribbean’s natural landscapes at their most dramatic. Rent a Jeep, put on your walking boots and you will discover a towering interior covered in dense rainforest, thundering waterfalls and hidden, boiling lakes. Guides will take you to spots where you can view rare wild parrots and agouti (giant rodents), but you can also rely on visits from hummingbirds at the island’s eco-friendly guesthouses. Dominica does have some spectacular beaches on its north coast, but they are likely to be a long drive from where you will be staying. The beaches and the island’s welcoming Caribs – the Caribbean’s last remaining indigenous tribe, with its own protected territory – appeared in the recent Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Aside from being green and beautiful, 2008 is a good year to visit Dominica, as Dominica celebrates it’s 30 year Reunion of independence from Britain, with events, such as a national hike, running throughout the year. If you’re wondering – how can I get to Dominica? Fly to one of the main Caribbean islands, such as Antigua or Puerto Rico, and then take an inter-island flight on to Dominica. With a good connection, total traveling time is about 11 hours on a good day. 😎

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After you’ve have gone all your research and have decided to visit Dominica island. This is just the beginning; visitors to Dominica must make some few key decisions about their trip. Decisions like where you’ll stay and what you like to do while on the island. Making good decisions can help you get the most out off your island vacation.

Where To Stay

Now you’ve decided to make Dominica to be the perfect spot for your tropical getaway, you will have to decide what part of the island you want to call home during your stay. In Dominica there are different types of accommodations to meet every travelers need, whether you want to be in the center of it all, consider accommodations in the country’s capital of Roseau, the hub of Dominica’s social and commercial life. Nearly all of the island’s hotels and resorts are located in or near Roseau. If you’re one those travelers who enjoys secluded retreats, discovering the island’s natural sights and wildlife, then you may decide on staying near the island’s more rugged areas, perhaps a cottage in the mountainous regions of Dominica.

Dominica is one of the most undeveloped, rugged islands in the Caribbean, the farther you go from Dominica’s cities and populated areas, you will experience less tourist haunts and general bustle of the island population. So if you choose to stay in the quieter areas of the island, be prepared for a truly beautiful and natural experience.

Dominica is full of winding trails and wilderness, which makes for adventurous nature excursions, hiking and nature tours are popular activities among visitors. But beware of free-lance tour guides; they might not be properly trained or reliable as professional guides hired through a tour guiding company.

How to Get There

that-natural-sound.jpg Travelers get to Dominica by air or by sea. Most vacationers arrive by plane at one of the island’s two airports. You can catch several connecting flights to Dominica from several other Caribbean islands, including Antigua, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia. And with American Eagle Airlines increasing their daily flights into Dominica out off Puerto Rico it’s much easier getting to Dominica.

On the other hand if you’re Sealover can get to the island by boat, whether on board a luxurious cruise or a fast ferry that runs between several nearby islands. Cruises are a great way to make travel a relaxing and enjoyable part of your vacation. For the most part, cruises only make a short stop on the island, usually just one day. Travelers with their own personal boats can also dock in the island’s harbors after passing through customs.

There is also the decision as to how to get around the island once you arrive. Taxis are a good way to see the island, and drivers can also act as personal tour guides. Self-determining travelers will find several rental car companies that serve the island, so you can tour at your own pace. Buses are an affordable means of transportation, and allow you to navigate and enjoy the island like a Dominican.

Where to Go on the Island

Take a breath awayOnce you get settled, you’ll want to consider what activities interest you and which sites you would like to visit. While you don’t need to plan every event of your trip, having an idea of your itinerary will help point you toward the businesses with which you’ll need to make arrangements.

When making decisions on what sites to visit, you should also have the consideration your traveling companions’ interests as well as your own, because there some tours which are difficult and not suitable for certain travelers. The island is full of natural sites, and you may consider visiting a national park or reserve. Families may want to consider a guided day tour or a trip to one of the island’s museums or for a romantic getaway, couples can enjoy the botanical gardens or splashing in cool rivers and waterfalls.
Having a rough plan before setting off to Dominica Island will give you the chance to experience as much as you can while staying on the island. Doing a little research and early decision-making will ensure the vacation you envision becomes a reality

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